Baby Namor Comic

Baby Namor Comic

So this is my first personal art post here on the site.  I’m no artist but sometimes I just feel so gosh dang inspired that I have to put a pencil to paper, no matter how crappy the end result.

I got the idea for this little strip from @adultbraces over on twitter.  He was talking about drawing a sad Namor and I couldn’t stop thinking about him being jinxed by the Human Torch while he was yelling “IMPERIUS REX!”  Don’t ask me why, though it may have something to do with Spider-man/Fantastic Four #1 by Christos Gage and Mario Alberti.  This is the fruit of my labor.

Baby Namor Comic

It’s funny though, even doing a simple strip like this, with no backgrounds or anything, designing panels still drives me up the wall.  There are way too many ways to draw any one panel and I freak myself out trying to get each one PERFECT.  I wanted to keep the focus on Namor so that flipping 5th panel still drives me crazy.  I don’t think it quite fits but eh, I might be over it.

This was drawn with a mechanical pencil on standard 8×11 computer paper.  Nothing fancy because I don’t know how to do anything fancy…  My favorite panel has to be #6.  I love how Namor’s just sitting outside under the sprinkler all sad and thinking “imperius rex.”  Notice the all caps in the 2nd panel and then all lower case in the 6th even though he’s thinking it.  Little things like that make me happy.

Regardless of the obvious lack of technical skill, I really enjoyed drawing this little piece.  Hope you like it too.


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