Weekly Want List – November 3rd, 2010

Here these are the funny books I want this week!  Do you think I should add the prices for each of these and total it up at the end?  I’ll think on it for a week.  So finally, here we are!

Cover for Baltimore: The Plague Ships #4
Baltimore: The Plague Ships #4
Cover for Strange Science Fantasy #5
Strange Science Fantasy #5
Cover for Invincible #75
Invincible #75
Cover for Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #5
Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #5
Cover for Warriors 3 #1
Warriors 3 #1
Cover for Chaos War #3
Chaos War #3
Cover for Alan Moore's Neonomicon #2
Alan Moore's Neonomicon #2
Cover for The Art of Darksiders
The Art of Darksiders

Cover for What To Do When You Meet Cthulhu
What To Do When You Meet Cthulhu
Cover for Xenozoic TP The Complete Collection
Xenozoic TP The Complete Collection


Dark Horse
Baltimore: The Plague Ships #4 – Not too thrilled with the series.  If it doesn’t pick up here I’m dropping it.

Strange Science Fantasy #5 – Scott Morse’s one-and-done tales tickle my fancy and are a must for anyone suffering from a serious case of Event Fatigue.  I’m excited for this next installment.

Invincible #75 – The Viltrumite War is building to it’s inevitable climax, which should be awesome! but I’m worried about Eve back on the home front.  GIMME!

Marvel Comics
Chaos War #3 – Herc is back and he and Earth’s mightiest heroes are throwing down with a cosmic pantheon ready to turn the universe into a burned out cinder.  I love it when Hercules punches things.

Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #3 – The titles for these books are just getting ridiculous.  Frank Cho’s art is brilliant but what is Thor’s deal?  Guess I’ll just have to read to find out.

Warriors 3 #1 – These guys are hilarious and the fact that they’re being written by one of the most solid scribes in comics, a Mr. Bill Willingham of Fables fame, means this is a must have.

Alan Moore’s Neonomicon #2 – That scene in the first issue with the guy and the cops and the painting?  So creepy.  I MUST have this second issue.  Plus it’s Alan Moore’s “return” to comics.  Again.

The Art of Darksiders – I feel kind of funny seeing as I just filled out a Dark Horse survey that asked me what video games I would like to see turned into comics.  This was one of those games, but it also asked which properties I would like to see turned into art books.  This is also one of those.  Joe Madureira’s art got me into comics WAY back in my day and I’m a fervent follower of all his work, but the $40 price tag will probably keep me from purchasing it.

What To Do When You Meet Cthulhu – Billed as a “survival guide” for meeting H.P. Lovecraft’s famous Elder Gods, this book sounds like a good little read.  Granted I probably won’t end up purchasing it, but it does sound fun.

Xenozoic TP Complete Collection – Ever since I’ve read Panel Discussions, a brilliant book in which artists talk about their process of creating  comics (there’s WAY more to it than that but I digress), I’ve wanted to read Xenozoic.  Mark Schultz’s portion of the book really made we want to pick up his stuff however, like the Darksiders book, it’s $40 and I can’t really afford it right now.


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