Detroit Fanfare 2010 Part 2: Artist Madness

Alright, so I did a little write-up of the Con itself, but I actually did stuff while I was there with my girlfriend.  What did I do?  Alright, I’ll tell you!

Cover for Fearsome as the Night
Fearsome as the Night

Well the first creator that I bumped into was a man by the name of Jeremy Treece.  If you haven’t heard of him I wouldn’t be too surprised. Even though he’s a brilliant artist quite a few of the books he’s worked on have been cancelled or died before they went to print.

Two issues of Hero @ Large, his first published works, made it to print just before Speakeasy Comics went under.  I’m lucky enough to own both of them but unfortunately I didn’t bring either to the con.  What?  I didn’t follow my own advice about preparing from Making The Most of Your Comic Con Experience?  Shut up.  Anyway, now he and his wife have teamed up to create their own comic they’re calling Fearsome as the Night, which I picked up from him.

The Marquis #1 + Sketch
The Marquis #1 + Sketch

Next on my list of must-see people?  Guy Davis, the artist of B.P.R.D., The Marquis, and Sandman Mystery Theatre.  Did I mention this guy won the Eisner for Best Penciller/Inker last year?  He’s a real peach and he signed a bunch of my B.P.R.D. issues as well as my The Marquis #1.  He also sketched me an awesome Ninja Turtle from memory.  I remember more about this meeting than our last luckily.  He did a signing at 21st Century Comics and Games in East Lansing on St. Patrick’s Day 3 years ago.  I don’t remember much about that day though…

Next?  The man, the myth, Ryan Stegman.  He’s been doing some awesome She Hulk stuff lately and has an as yet unreleased Marvel Digital project in the works that should be very cool when it hits the interwebs.  I met Ryan at the MSU Comics Forum I want to say 3 years ago and somehow he remembered me.  Knowing the inimitable Ethan Watrall probably helps but I digress.  We had a nice little convo, I bought his sketchbook and he even did a sexy sketch inside for me.  Win.

Simple by Ryan Stegman
She Hulk Sketch
She Hulk Sketch

What else did I do?  Too much.  And I ended up purchasing both volumes of Arsenic Lullaby by Douglas Paszkiewicz.  They were absolutely brilliant in the worst way possible.  I think my favorite gags were Stillborn Sally and anything having to do with a train.  You should definitely pick them up.  Honestly.  You should.

Ok, so I think that might be all I want to write about.  I’ll end this all with a priceless photograph of Ryan Stegman.  Hehe.  Anyway.  PEACE!

Hehe... Ryan Stegman

Follow Ryan Stegman on Twitter – Ryanstegman
Follow Guy Davis on Twitter –  Guydavisart
Follow  Jeremy Treece  on Twitter – JeremyTreece


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