Captain Marvel Filler Material

So I’m going to meet one of my old professors tomorrow for a little grad school pep talk.  Honestly the gentleman I’m referring to, the infamous captain_primate of Twitter fame, has helped me so much throughout these past couple years… I can’t thank him enough.  And he’s going to help me some more tomorrow.  Yes this captain_primate fellow is a peach, even if he did insult my mustache the other day…

Regardless, I thought I’d post some brilliant Captain Marvel pics today instead of the regular rigmarole.  I’ve got a court date tomorrow (attempting to decrease my points from a speeding ticket), grad school stuff to finish tonight, and a blog post about aquatic comics that needs some work.  So enjoy the FIRST Marvel Family (funny cause when I write for Marvel it’s always the Fantastic Four being Marvel’s First Family) in all their glory!  SHAZAM!


Awesome Captain Marvel and Miracleman by el-grimlock over at Deviantart.



Mary Marvel or Marilyn Munroe?
Widdle Mary Marvel! SOOOO CUUUTTEEEE!!!

ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHINGLY BEAUTIFUL Mary Marvel pics by the inimitable Franchesco at Deviantart.



Jeff Smith Captain Marvel Sketches

I remember seeing this bit of sketching over at Aint It Cool News.  Jeff Smith, truly a master of his craft.



Jerry Ordway's Power of Shazam!


Stellar page by Kevin-Sharpe over at Deviantart.  Totally reminds me of Jerry Ordway’s phenomenal Captain Marvel series, Power of Shazam!  Can’t believe I missed the master Mr. Ordway at NYCC this year 😦

Hope you liked them as much as I did.  Until next time, you know the magic word.




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