Weekly Want List – November 24th, 2010

Alright, so productive day I think, but I really needed to post something new today.  I had the most views on the blog ever today, 65, so I’m pretty pumped about that.  I just ran 5 miles in 42 minutes, which is just a little over 8 minutes a mile, which I’m also excited about. Finally, I’m nearly finished with the rough draft of my personal statement for my grad school application!

So yes, productive day in which I wrote a lot, ran a lot, and tried to tweet a lot.  Always trying to up the exposure you know?  However, I nearly forgot that comics are coming out this week and there are a couple that I want so now, without further ado, my weekly want list!

DC Comics
Scalped #43 – $2.99 – Not much to say here.  Easily one of the most brutal, original, and stunning books on shelves today.  I can’t wait!

Image Comics
Firebreather vol. 3 #1 – $3.99 – I have the first two trades and I was so disappointed when it ended.  I’m glad that Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn are getting another crack at the half-dragon they brought to life 7 years ago.

Marvel Comics
Chaos War Alpha Flight #1 – $3.99 – The only real reason I think I may pick this up is because I want to know what happened to Snow Bird after her throw down with the Skrull Gods.  Could be fun though.

Incredible Hulks #617 – $3.99 – I need to know what happens, ’nuff said.

Thor Mighty Avenger #6 – $2.99 – This book has an innocence and a charm I haven’t found anywhere else besides in Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam!  Samnee does a wonderful job  with Thor’s faces…  Just read it, you’ll understand.

Ultimate Comics Avengers #6 – $2.99 – I can’t remember if this is the one with the vampires or the one with Ghost Rider.  I don’t really care about either series but I would really like to see Cap as a vampire.  Oh wait, I’ve already seen that in an issue of Exiles… Drat.

Uncanny X-Men #530 – $3.99 – After last issue I’m a little excited to see the 5 Lights in action, but even more pumped to see Cyclops let loose in Japan.

And I think that’s it.  Now what does that cost me this week?  $26.43.  Maybe, because you never know how many new comics aren’t on the Diamond Comics solicits.  Here’s to Wednesday comics!  HUZZAH!


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