Lex Luthor Draws Inspiration for Superman Deterrent from MSU

Lex Luthor, billionaire tycoon and mass murderer.  Now hold that thought.  Recently, while scrolling through the interwebs I noticed an advertisement for Michigan State University’s “official” class rings, available through Balfour.  Provided a student can shell out the oh so modest starting price of $340 they can get themselves a ring with a faceted green stone made of yellow or white gold, silver, or celestrium inlaid with designs of the Beaumont Tower, and Sparty among others.

Gold MSU Class Ring
Silver MSU Class Ring

Now I don’t wear rings, constricting my digits with baubles from deep in the Earth doesn’t particularly appeal to me, but if you plan on throwing down with the Man of Steel and you want to do so with a stylish and fashionable flair, you could do a lot worse than wear a ring.

Enter Lex Luthor, probably the most devious mind in DC Universe and Superman’s arch nemesis.  But if there’s one thing that rivals his hate for the Kryptonian it’s his ego, and inextricably linked to that would be the multi-billionaire mogul’s patented sense of style.

Lex is the epitome of high-class business fashion.  He wears nothing but the best, so it makes sense that even his weapons would sport his unique fashion tastes.  Aside from that green and purple Kryptonian war suit (Can you say fashion disaster?) he has other, more subtle, offensive accoutrements and one stands out among the rest: his beautiful Green Kryptonite ring.

Lex's Beautiful Platinum Green Kryptonite Ring

But what do you notice about it?  Does it not bear a striking resemblance to the MSU class rings offered to students with incredibly rich or indulgent parents?  What could this mean?  I have a few theories.

1) Someone from within the ring design committee had read this issue of Superman: Lex 2000 #1 and was so struck by the former President’s uncanny fashion je ne sais quoi, they manipulated the committee into adopting a ring that looks almost exactly like Lex’s signature Superman deterrent.  Implausible, I know but the next one…

2) Like I said above, Lex has one of the most devious minds in the DC universe and his rage towards Clark Kent’s alter ego has driven him to some of the most erratic, ingenious, and vengeful schemes the world has ever seen.  Not only that but with the numerous pathways open to both heroes and villains for bypassing the barriers between time and space: boom tubes, the Omega Sanction, and what have you, I’m thinking that Lex Luthor somehow found a way to break through time, space, and the 4th wall!  He traveled forward in time, smashed through the 4th wall, snuck into the MSU ring discussion meetings, and STOLE THE DESIGN FOR HIS BRILLIANTLY CHIC GREEN KRYPTONITE RING!

Then, he travelled back to the DC U, back in time, popped out the “faceted green stone,” replaced it with Kryptonite and viola!  Lex Luthor now has the most classy, stylish, and deadly finger circlet in the villain business…

However, since none of this can be proven and  also due to the fact that he himself is a comic book character, Lex has put himself beyond legal reproach if anyone from the MSU ring design committee wanted to come after him.

Lex, while I deplore your methods you certainly picked a keen looking ring design to purloin.  I applaud your taste.  As an aside, if any of the members of the committee are still a bit peeved over this whole ordeal maybe now would be a good time to remind them they’re still alive.  He’s killed for so much less.


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