Turkey Trot 10k and Thanksgiving

Late post from last night.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and my family and I minus one brother, will be partaking in the Turkey Trot, a 10k – 6.2 mile race in the heart of Detroit.  I would just like to get this out there, I am not a runner.  I can run, this is true.  However not for long periods of time and NEVER “just for fun.”  Who runs for fun?  It’s painful, it’s time consuming, and I always smell like a dead dog afterwards and I don’t look much better.

All that aside, my father keeps telling me that this is an experience I can’t miss.  He keeps harping on the fact that it’s a spectacle and there’s nothing quite like it.  There’s thousands and thousands of people, some running in costumes, and while I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for this I’m owning it.  I’m wearing blue short shorts that only go to the middle of my thigh, a wool cap, a Hellboy t-shirt, and a little sweater.  I’m owning this.

My girlfriend is also running.  My only goal is to crush her beneath my shoe heel.  This is not going to be a fun race for me.  Old person about to pass me?  Elbow to the chin.  Girlfriend coming up on the left?  I’m pouring on the speed!  I’m going to try to beat my father and my brother though my younger brother is in way better shape than me and my father runs regularly…

Wish me luck and happy Thanksgiving!



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