MVC3 Character Analysis: She-Hulk

The Gorgeous and Gamma-fied Jennifer Walters

Alright so when a certain sultry siren, the sensational She-Hulk was revealed three weeks ago I was really excited.  Not only is she one of my favorite Marvel heroines, but now MVC3 sports another Hulk on the roster!  The more smashing the better.

Let’s start this off with my first impression: She-Hulk is a big, green, gamma-irradiated version of El Fuerte from SF4.  She’s got a ton more mobility than her cousin and Jen’s obviously been watching a ton of pro wrestling lately.  She’s got a dropkick, a butt slam, and a few other moves that would look right at home coming off a turnbuckle.  Let’s get into this shall we?

Video 1

Video 2

Her normals don’t look too amazing in these videos.  She’s got some range on her low magic series but everything else just looks pretty… normal.  Her launcher seems to come off at a strange angle, a sort of low donkey kick, and like her low magic series it has some range and can be comboed from her low string.

Shukie's launcher

This is where She-Hulk shines.  In an effort to differentiate Jen from her musclebound male counterpart, Capcom gave her a huge boost in the mobility department.  So much so she resembles Street Fighter 4’s El Fuerte and in the right hands she’s going to be incredibly difficult to get a bead on.

The Track Stance
The resemblances start with her track stance (most clearly seen in Video 1 at :57).  It allows her a ton of options for a quick, mobile, mix-up offense.  The first move out of the track stance is a dash.  You can differentiate between her normal and special because the stance dash is quicker and she’s covered in a green aura.  From there she can do a Blanka-esque sliding punch that OTGs and with enough meter, combos into super.  She can also do a clothesline that crumples on hit (Video 2 – 1:16) but it hits high so opponents might be able to crouch under it.

From the track stance she can also perform an incredibly fast backwards leap into a wall jump with two options: 1) a butt slam that may have overhead qualities and causes a downward wall bounce, 2) a dropkick that causes a horizontal wall bounce that can combo into She-Hulk’s anti-air super (maybe), and 3) a body slam that causes a downward wall bounce.  She also seems to have a flash kick type move with anti-air properties (Video 1 – :39).

Only Hulks looks good in green and purple!

Aside from her track stance, the most important thing I noticed in this video was an anti-air grab (Video 1 – :35), much like SF4 Abel’s Falling Sky, that instantly dizzies like Alex’s Stun Gun Headbutt super in Street Fighter Third Strike.  Now it’s unclear if Trish was stunned from the grab or because she’d taken a beating before hand but if it was an instant dizzy from the grab… well you better watch out!

It looks like a SUPER dangerous move with potentially devastating results especially if it means a free super after connection!  I’m wondering if the strength of the button pushed changes the angle of the grab…  Regardless, if this grab does what I think it does, She-Hulk is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

She-Hulk has a few interesting super options that all seem to be comboable with the exception of her Level 3 which looks to be a sort of grab super.  The first one we see at the beginning of the first video (:28) combos off her track stance OTG sliding punch.  She drop kicks her enemy,  jumps off the wall, body slams them, then jumps off the wall and butt slams them for decent damage.  This might also be comboable after her track stance wall jump drop kick move.

Shulkie's anti-air super. Spin cycle baby!

Shulkie also has an anti-air super that can be seen at the end of video 1 (:57).  Right after she drop kicks Trish (There seems to a be a bit of editing here to make it look like she combos out of the drop kick.  She doesn’t, though it may still be possible.)  you can see Trish above her head.  Ms. Walters then proceeds to grab Dante’s unlucky demon mother clone (thanks Dynames) and swing the living crap out of her before sending her flying into the far wall.

Her Level 3 super looks awesome.  Not comboable, but awesome nonetheless.  It appears to be a grab super and if it connects Shulkie pushes her opponent down and throws a speeding car on top of them causing a massive explosion and huge damage.  It does nearly half of Super Skrull’s life in Video 2 (1:53).  You might be able to combo this out of her anti-air dizzy grab.

She-Hulk doesn’t look like she’ll be much use in triple-team hyper combos but there may be some opportunities to use her in delayed hyper combos, especially if you can get the timing right on her drop kick super or if you can combo after the opponent hits the wall from her anti-air super.

This is the savage She-Hulk Lyra's temporary FF outfit.


Shulkie looks great, her voice actress sounds wonderful, and her banter is spot on.

Final Thoughts
If anything I’ve said is true, Shulkie will be a force to be reckoned with.  She’s powerful, has a ton of mobility, and a really unique move set.  Granted she doesn’t play anything like I imagine She-Hulk fighting in the comics but I can’t wait to get my hands on her and give her a test drive.  Welcome to the team Jen!


22 thoughts on “MVC3 Character Analysis: She-Hulk”

    1. She-Hulk was a member of the Fantastic Four after Ben Grimm, the Thing, decided to take a little time off from all the adventuring. This was a little after the Secret Wars event. This particular red costume comes from the Fall of Hulks storyline where the Savage She-Hulk, Lyra, the child of Thundra with some help from the Hulk’s DNA, and the Intelligentsia set out to kidnap the 8 smartest people on the planet. Chief among them, Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic. She gets all her clothes burned off by the Human Torch in a fight and decides to don the new red FF duds. Wow… reading that back… Just ridiculous. I read too many comics!

  1. hold up relax your hand of your penis…she will get owned by projectile characters like deadpool dorm doom and so on…O_o lets not talk about how she will never get on them either. whats is she gonna do but eat bullets or purification pillars up her thong till she drops dead from getting wetted up by bullets and beams…

    ex…deadpool bullets doom assist(rocks) she jumps up shots(hight attack)…she stands there shots(low attack, medium attack)and more rocks…she jumps pilliar and now more shots…back to the other side of the screen where she started…what she gonna do?? blanka slide?? doom assist TK medium attack shots which shots diagonal down forward and…she eats more shots…she is ass and at best will give rushdown characters a hard time but not screen fillers. low mid tier to bottom at best. LOLZ

    1. High health, high damage, good reach, and high-priority attacks… not to mention, very quick. A well-timed assist will easily allow her to set up her wall-bounce manouver. Best of all, she has two command grabs that stun instantly. Can your ‘omg so awsum1!’ Deadpool and Dr. Doom do that? What are your zoners going to do? Chip-damage her to death? Good luck with that considering she’s got high health… but once she finds an opening and lands an attack on you, she can set up some highly damaging combos/supers. Not to mention, her mix-up game looks very intense and will annoy the heck out of a lot of players.

      And again… there is no situation in which She-Hulk can’t take care of with the help of her useful assists. Remember, this is a team battle. It’s MvC3, not SF4. Now keep your wannabe tier list to yourself and show a little more respect to someone who can actually write an informative article next time.

      1. Great points my man! I’m still shaking my head over the insta-dizzy command grabs. That could make or break matches if one of those suckers connect! In response to projectile spamming and chip damage, Arthur seems like he’s going to be one heck of a spammer but if you look at Video 1 around :23 you’ll see all it takes Shulkie to KO from 75% health is one hit to magic series to launcher to air combo to OTG (may or not be escapable) to super. We can’t underestimate her yet and projectile peeps had better watch out!

    2. How much damage do you suppose these projectile characters are going to do to She-Hulk while she’s wall bouncing and drop kicking them in the face? I will admit that she probably will have to work harder to get in but from what I’ve seen she is going to have a multitude of ways to deal with spammers. Watch the videos and like I said, she’s going to be hard to get a bead on.

      1. Heh, I guess my previous response was a bit crude… i’m just tired of all the She-Hulk bashing.

        Anyway, that She-Hulk vs. Arthur fight in the vid you pointed out was exactly what I was hinting at. When she connects, she hits hard! Also her flash kick move has a LOT of range (thanks to her tall physique!), you can see how devastating the range on that move is when she’s squaring off with Super Skrull, it actually works great as a semi-keep away move since it seems to be safe on block as well.

        What do you think would be the best assists for her? I’m thinking Dormammu’s black hole and pillar will work great if she ever needs to deal with a projectile spammer. Dr. Doom’s rock projectile assist could also be useful if it forces the opponent to block, giving She-Hulk the perfect opportunity to do her knee-bash stun grab at the same moment. I prefer Dormammu though, as Doom’s assist can probably be nullified with a projectile.

      2. @Hyoton The flash kick does look pretty safe except for the hard attack version which is probably very unsafe on block. With regards to assists, I honestly haven’t seen enough of them to say with any certainty. What I can say is that if you’re worried about spammers, M.O.D.O.K. would be a great pick especially if he uses his shields to assist. Throw that out against a projectile while dashing in? Also, Amaterasu’s ice projectile looks sick. She comes in from up top so it’ll be hard to punish, fires them out incredibly quick, and there’s some sort of freeze effect. Count on She-Hulk to capitalize on that!

  2. Very well written, although, I am not really interested in She-Hulk. I don’t have a problem with her being in the game since she is vastly different from Hulk, although the trolls would disagree…but who cares what they think.

    Just a remark in editing.

    “Ms. Walters then proceeds to grab Dante’s unlucky sister and swing the living crap out of her before sending her flying into the far wall.”

    Trish is not Dante’s sister. Dante’s only sibling is his twin brother, Vergil. Trish is, more or less, a demon clone of Dante’s mother.

  3. @Hyoton I have played the game and I speak from exp. cable chips characters to K.O and so do other characters…you act as if this bitch will take like two points of cheap from the gun shots and rocks. your the guy i bet that plays all shotos in mvc2 and gets rolled on. the gun shots and rocks have heavy chip, if you want to bring sf into this then you KNOW!! that honda for example can’t get near the FB characters but honda is a beast up close but so what if gets owned by FB trying to get in. look fan boy its not a wanna be tier list, its logical O_o so what if they cant stun characters in one hit…thats not what they do…there spammers and screen fillers like cable for example. the writers thoughts on her aight but lets be realistic this bitch will get owned. she is a waste of spaces

    1. So you’ve already played as She-Hulk? That’s really great considering there isn’t a build of the game anywhere that has her as a playable character. Nice try though. Also MvC2 was horribly unbalanced. This is not SF4 nor MvC2, screen-fillers won’t dominate this game like they did in MvC2. Seth himself said that X-23 was the strongest character in the build a few months ago, and she doesn’t have any projectiles nor does she have any screen-fillers, so obviously your theory is just plain wrong. Similarly, She-Hulk’s grabs will likely make her an absolute beast up close, you’re just too blind and consumed with your hatred and whining to see any potential there.

      Seth also mentioned the possibility of balance patches. Besides, even if you are right, and She-Hulk ends up being rock bottom… you don’t think they’re going to patch the hell out of the game in this day and age? Seth even mentioned that MvC3 might have balance patches. I know you don’t want her in the game, so you just act as if she’s so bad that you can pretend she’s not in, but Shulkie’s in the game! Deal with it!

    2. I believe that’s called being pwned , ” the truth” …

      Besides we can’t really care about your opinion here . You at best tried an unfinished version , and mostly speak from the experience of an horribly (yet fun) broken game : MVC2 .
      I mean come on , it’s the one game they didnt even try balancing for various reasons , like straight inport of sprites , moves and animations from various games .

      Tatsunoko is actually quite balanced in comparison . And mvc3 is the hybrid spawn from both .

      MVC3 will still not be balanced , but its obvious they are trying to reach some equilibrium and polishing the game .

  4. Nice info! She-Hulk is great, I was really excited by her gameplay and her inclusion. I found her trailer and gameplay vids a bit underwhelming though, they could have showed a lot more (or atleast give Shulkie a win…). She’s definitely going in my main team though, no doubt!

    1. Haha, that owning by Zero was ridiculous! I agree, but I think the trailer and vids gave at least a healthy taste of what we can expect from the Jade Giantess. Thanks for the comment my friend!

  5. @Hyoton and please STFU…really really seth said this and said that…well seth said put his dick in your mouth and please STFU now. its simple mo fo logic…in all fighters giants lose to spammers, spammers lose to pixies and pixies lose to giants. I played tvc also and i played with the best, i was owning ppl so relax the game was not balanced, wtf are you talking about. tvc build one Karas with whatever owned everyone PERIOD…tvc all stars…zero,tekkaman blade and karas owned everyone period. that game was not balanced what so ever and they did not try to balance it.
    really about mvc2 it was a time when trying to patch and balance a game would mean a whole new disk…O_o really thats not that coast effective and by all means as broken as mvc2 was it is the most balanced vs fighter out of the whole series. xvs,mvs,mvc1 and tvc infinite combos to death both your characters and you didn’t dizzy out like in mvc2, you where just stuck in the infinite how broken was that. learn the infinite without alot of mistakes and its over but no one in mvc2 outside of ironman could really do that but even then he HAD TO FINISH with proton cannon. magneto couldn’t even do that most of the time to ko a character he had to dhc into storm. cable could ahvb 3x but at the end he was out of meter…so yea that STFU please.
    this green waste of space is huge on the screen and will eat projectiles till she pass’s out on the ground for being garbage. colossus and rogue who this green waste of space is modeled after where single handled owned by cable. the only way i see her being any good is if on her run she has super armor like fuerte thats it other then that…what she gonna do?? you act like this bitch is magneto or something who can close the gap in a sec but she cant. AA assist and laming it out will be her down fall.

    1. actually we wont be seeing you at any tournament …

      At the very not far along . It is a myth that guys like you who bark louder are any good in those situations .

      Skilled tournaments players and even pros mostly joke around , especially among their own peers , so it can be misinterpreted as a lack of respect ..

      But you sir are just an angry ball of nothing ..

  6. You guys need to stop bitching about She-Hulk. It’s like you want cheap women or the old X-Men women from the 1990’s who were to overrated and really suck without the right writing team.

    Plus, it seems that if you do not like Marvel’s other women besides the X-Women, then fucking get hired by Marvel and make a fresh woman and stop complaining like a shithole man.

    Damn, just because all you think of is projectiles. But then, when SF4 was out and people kept doing Hadoukens, you said, “Cut it out!” You people don’t know what you want in like. That’s why I am to the point of actually physically going to hit gamers or weebos next time.

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