MVC3 Character Analysis: Wesker

Wesker. 'Nuff said.

If you’ve played any of the Resident Evil games then you’ll know who this dapper gentlemen is.  Enter Albert Wesker, professional bad ass extraordinaire.  He’s hopped up on designer genes and ready to kill.  First impression: mean ass mother f*cker.

This guy seems like he might be the definition of a “counter” character.  He has an incredibly fast teleport that can be utilized in his combos, he can combo into his Level 3 super, and he’s got a great looking counter super.   Away we go!

Video 1

Video 2

From what I can see here Wesker’s normals look pretty quick and his double kick move (Video 1 – :27) can combo into his Level 3 super!  I’m not sure if that’s his medium attack or if it’s a command normal (akin to forward + medium attack) but it seems Wesker can cancel it into almost anything and it looks like a great move.  Also his low magic series seems to have some decent range.

Now while She-Hulk had some VERY obvious specials, Wesker is a little bit harder to analyze.  He’s a lot quicker than She-Hulk and his moves seem designed to counter and punish instead of rush down and crush.

Wesker's awesome double kick normal

This is where Wesker really gets interesting.  He can teleport air to ground (Video 1 – :22), ground to air into his aerial rave finisher for some overhead combo starting action (Video 1 – :24), and ground to ground for some wicked mix-up games (Video 1 – :35).  It looks a lot more useful than Akuma’s Ashura Senkuu teleport, it’s not just a free escape, and I’m wondering if you’ll ever actually be seeing Wesker on-screen if he’s being used by a pro.

Counter Attack
At :40 of Video 1 we see Captain America attempt to smack Wesker with his shield only to have the devious antagonist teleport to his backside and launch him for a quick little aerial rave.  Now this may be his normal teleport special but looking at the distance travelled and the timing of the hit/teleport I’m thinking it’s a special move.

If it is indeed a counter special will it will have different properties depending on the button pushed?  I wouldn’t be surprised if there was at least a horizontal wall bounce option.  Does it counter projectiles?  Supers?

Wesker launching the Spider

Double Palm Strike
Wesker draws back both his arms and punches forward with some decent speed and force resulting in a horizontal wall bounce on hit (Video 1 – :55).  If Wesker lands this move in the corner it opens up a host of combo opportunities (Video 1 – :56) with the possibility of landing his Maximum Spider-esque aerial super (Capcom did a bit of editing here and you’ll notice that the super connects on Captain America, not on the previously launched Doctor Doom).

The Double Palm Strike can also be followed up with a teleport into aerial hard attack to continue a combo (Video 2 – 1:38) but is really unsafe on block (Video 2 – 1:47).  It can be cancelled into from his magic series to put some distance between Wesker and his opponent or in the corner for some serious damage.  Not too flashy but it gets the job done.

Pistol Shot
Seems pretty out-of-place when you look at the rest of Wesker’s move set.  Does he use a pistol in any of the Resident Evils?  That aside, it can be fired in the air at a downward angle and does decent chip damage (Video 1 – :46).  In Video 2 at 1:00 you can see Wesker jump in for a Pistol Shot assist that pops up the downed Tron Bonne.  This may mean that the Pistol Shot can be used on both the ground and in the air and at varying angles depending on the strength of the button pushed and possibly used to OTG.

POW right in the kisser!

The Maximum Wesker looks a lot like Spider-Man’s Maximum Spider or Cammy’s Killer Bee Assault.  It can be executed either in the air (Video 1 – 1:01) or on the ground (Video 2 – 1:43).  I’m not too sure of the safety/comboability of the aerial version but you can probably use it in an aerial rave or off of an aerial exchange.  The ground version is incredibly unsafe on block, returning Wesker to his original position where the opponent has ample time to serve him a nice steaming pile of punishment.

Re-affirming my suspicion that Wesker will be a serious counter character is his Counter Super (Video 1 – :49).   The counter hit comes out immediately after Wesker takes damage so any telegraphed Hyper Charging Star is sure to eat a juicy gut punch for about 15-20% life.  But does it counter everything: normals, specials, and supers?  What about projectiles (probably not)?  If so Wesker’s opponents are going to need to play it very safe.  No throwing out random Ultras around this ex-Umbrella monster.  Also, does it do damage relative to the move countered or just a fixed amount?  SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

Albert’s Level 3 looks absolutely wicked and can be comboed off of his ground magic series after the double kick (Video 1 – :28).  If used in a substantial ground combo it can do around 65-70% damage to Doom.  That is monster!  ‘Nuff said.

How much do you want to bet he wears his sunglasses at night too?

His movement, walking forward/backward look remarkably slow compared to his teleports and dash, but aside from that Wesker looks awesome.  Capcom nailed his devil-may-care attitude and I’m really digging the black and purple color scheme for his attacks.  Very stylish indeed.

Final Thoughts
In the right hands I think Wesker is going to be a terror.  He may not look like much but when you take into account his teleport he becomes a whole ‘nother beast.  That being said it looks like he’ll rely, to a degree, on counters to punish but if a player gets that down… Complete global saturation!

Seth Killian has done a few walkthroughs for some of the characters that confirm some of the things I’ve said here.  Wesker’s walkthrough is below.  A few things to note:

  • His pistol is a command normal that links to his teleport (forward and hard attack)
  • He has an unblockable grab that you can combo into (Video 3 – 1:44)
  • He can combo off of his counter super (Video 4 – 1:12).  Thanks to Icytor for the info!

Video 3

Video 4


20 thoughts on “MVC3 Character Analysis: Wesker”

  1. “Does he use a pistol in any of the Resident Evils?”

    Yes, Wesker, does use a gun. Though he’s currently using his favorite, as seen and used in Resident Evil 5. A custom S.T.A.R.S. Handgun, also known as the Samurai Edge.

    His double palm strike is his powerful melee, Ghost Butterfly, and I’m not sure about his counter special. I think it is a fixed amount.

    Overall, Great analysis, I liked it all!

    1. Thanks dude! I wish I had seen Seth Killian’s Wesker walkthrough before doing this so it wasn’t so redundant but what do you do? The counter stuff is what I’m really interested in though. Thanks for the feedback.

      1. Oh yeah, no problem man and I know how silly it might have been to post an in depth analysis before watching a demonstration video of sort. Stuff happens, y’know? ha!

        Thanks to you, this analysis made me realize that Wesker is a counter character. I never actually thought about it till now!

        Glad he’s in this game. As a fan of the series, I’m just hyped and impatient to play as him.

        And you’re welcome on the Feedback.

  2. I vaguely remember Seth Killian saying the pistol can stun long enough for you to combo immediately after if you’re quick enough with teleport.

    Thanks for taking the time to put these together, look forward to read more.

  3. Do you already have a plan on exactly what characters you are going to be doing this for? If not would you mind doing X-23? She seems like a character not to sleep on, with big combos and an assist that could possible set up unblockables.

    But yeah, these write-ups are great, keep up the good work!

    1. I was planning to hit the characters that haven’t been playable before in the other games. I’m definitely pondering an X-23 write-up. I want to do Thor, then Arthur, then I’ll think about X-23. However! If you simply can’t wait, Seth Killian actually breaks down X-23’s move set in this video here –

      thanks for the comment pal!

  4. I love how fast his teleport is, it’s just BAM and he’s up in the air. In one gameplay video, I saw Wesker use a super but all it seemed to do was power him up, the match ended soon after that though so I didn’t see any real change. A good read and I can’t wait to get this and try him out for myself.

    1. Did he glow red? That was probably the X-Factor effect. It powers up your damage and lets you heal the red health while that character is out fighting. Thanks for the comment duder!

    1. Can’t say that I’ve ever played it. I’ve watched some gameplay vids (it looked hella broken) but I couldn’t name you any of the characters besides… Ken? Kenshiro?

  5. To help your site out I wanted to give you some possible names of his moves. Samurai Edge is probably his Pistol shot. Double Palm Strike is probably Ghost Butterfly. The Counter super is probably called Rhino Charge. The regular palm strike is probably Cobra Strike. His neutral throw looks like Windfall (heel drop). The command grab looks like Mustang Kick. He has a rushing swiping slap which is Panther Fang. And his launch or exchange is Tiger Uppercut.

    I know this because I play Resident Evil 5. The moves are exact copies.

    1. Thanks dude! I saw the supposed names of his moves over at and I know Seth talked a little bit about them but it doesn’t seem like anything is concrete yet. So all of those are in RE5? Crazy.

      1. Yea they are in Resident Evil 5 where you get to play Wesker, Jill, Chris, and Sheva on these mission modes. They are exact carbon copies of the moves from RE5. Even the moves names are reused from RE5 as you see in Seth’s demonstration of Wesker when he is selecting his assists type. The three assist types are Jaguar Kick, Samurai Edge(gun shot in RE5 of the same name) and Ghost Butterfly(double palm strike that gives wall bounce, same devastating attack in RE5 of the same name).

  6. I just noticed it while watching the Wesker Demo Video, but when Spider-Man hits Wesker and intializes the Counter Super, he crumples and Wesker can combo him afterwards, looks pretty powerful that you can counter a move and combo after it, just wanted to point it out XD.

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