Austin Shyu – Making Capcom Magic… FROM PAPER!

Austin Shyu - The Most Awesome Business Card EVAR

I know what you’re thinking, this guy makes Capcom character-inspired origami.  Well you would be right.  Sorta.  Well kinda.

Origami is the art of beautiful paper-folding madness.  This is the beauty of awesomely original paper people courtesy of Austin Shyu.

I met Austin at this year’s Detroit Urban Craft Fair.  I was coerced into going by my girlfriend and I didn’t expect to enjoy myself, but there was a bar (apparently the craft fair after parties can get pretty rowdy) and a lot of very cool stuff on display.

The DUCF was held at the Fillmore, a popular concert venue, and Austin was up on the stage marketing his awesome brand of custom paper figures.  In a sea of original jewelry, aprons, hand bags, wallets, scarves, hand-made soaps and whatnot, Austin’s work stood out like a brilliant light in the darkness for a comic/video game geek such as I, and we had a decent chat about his work.


Apparently it only takes him around 3 hours to make one of his figures, depending on the detail of course.  I wish I had the good sense to ask him some more technical questions but alas, there was just so much going on!  They’re made of some sturdy paper but obviously they’re not made to be played with, simply to be enjoyed… visually.

Supposedly comic scribe Jason Aaron, writer of Vertigo’s Scalped and Marvel’s Wolverine, has his own paper figure that Austin made him.  If they’re good enough for Jason Aaron then they’re definitely good enough for that special comic book or video game geek in your life and with it being the holiday season and all you should definitely get in touch with this fine craftsman.

All I have to say is that it was a pleasure to meet this gentlemen and I hope he keeps doing what he loves because I love what he’s doing.


How many characters can you name?
Too much awesome. Honestly, too much!


You can check out Austin’s Facebook page here – AusGerCo. Paper Action Figures

Also be sure to check out his Myspace page as well – AusGerCo. Paper Action Figures on Myspace

2 thoughts on “Austin Shyu – Making Capcom Magic… FROM PAPER!”

  1. You can see the Wolverine figure in an episode of Wizard that was published this past year. There was an article on Jason Aaron and you can see figure posed alongside many of his other Action Figures.

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