MVC3 Character Analysis: Thor

Thor, Lord of the Living Lightning


  • Changed some of the names of his specials.
  • Revoked the Mighty Thunder’s Level 3 hyper status

Behold!  The Golden Asgardian makes his introductory appearance in the Marvel Vs. Capcom series.  A long-time member of the MUGEN fighting community, this super strong specimen of Nordic divinity comes to the new age of heroes ready to prove his mettle.

First impression: 2 words – Power House.  Sure he may not be incredibly mobile but once he gets his meaty mitts around your character he’s not letting go ’til they’re smited into oblivion.  Beware the might of Mjolnir!

I’ve seen a lot of smack talking on this guy so I wanted to spend a little more time breaking down his moves.  Unfortunately I want to like him so I may be a bit biased.  If that’s the case be sure to comment and let me know what you think based on the vids!  Ready?  Go for broke!

Video 1 – Seth Killian Walkthrough

Video 2

Video 3

It looks like the majority of his normals suffer from a case of sloth.  His crouching hard attack comes out relatively quick though and leads into his launcher (Video 2 – :48) and you can cancel it into his Mighty Smash special to start some pretty dangerous combos, ending in his Mighty Thunder hyper (Video 2 – :33).  Dangerous recovery however.

Seth points out that his jumping hard attack (may be a command normal) has some unique properties.  Thor leads with his hammer and rides it to the ground.  Its active frames last until Thor hits the ground and if he manages to clock someone with Mjolnir they go into a reel animation assuring some big damage (Video 1 – 2:11).  However, it looks awkward in an aerial rave as it takes Thor straight to the ground while his enemies air recover (Video 2 – :50).  That can be fixed if you follow up with a standard hard attack which knocks them to the ground and gives you a free Mighty Slam assuming they don’t tech roll (Video 2 – :28).

I’m not quite sure why Seth points out his hammer spin, it doesn’t look all that impressive (Video 1 – :22).  It doesn’t move Thor forward, contrary to what he says, but maybe he knows something we don’t…  Maybe it’s important in some of his ground strings?  Also it looks like it leads into his launcher?

Last but not least, I just want to bring your attention to his standing normal string which looks to be a slow punch into a hammer punch, but they push him out of reach for his launcher (Video 1 – 1:22).  It just looks… disappointing.

You think a little snowball will stop Thor? He fights frost giants for gosh sakes!

Thor can fly.  Not quite sure how to utilize this yet but it could come in handy.

8-Way Air Dash
You can see this bad boy right at the beginning of Video 1 at around :13.  Because we don’t see what Thor can do out of these air dashes they don’t look like anything special and near the end of the dash it looks as though he sort of floats in the air.  Unless he can cancel that float animation into normals, specials, hypers… Yeah he’s going to be eating a lot of damage.

Mighty Slam
This looks like it’s going to be Thor’s go-to move for basically everything.  Thor launches himself upward at about a 45 degree angle and then slams down with his hammer causing a downward wall bounce on hit.  From there he can aerial rave and destroy.  It OTGs (Video 2 – :30), leads in to his launcher, moves him fairly quickly across the screen and adds a little something to his pressure game.  It can OTG from nearly a screen away in the right circumstances (Video 2 – :30).

Mighty Strike
Thor throws himself forward, glowing with eldritch electrical energy.  On the ground he can fire forward, at a 45 degree angle and straight up.  The aerial version can travel horizontal and at a downward angle.  The downward angle Mighty Strike can combo off of his jumping hard hammer move and causes a downward wall bounce (Video 2 – :08) and the horizontal version (which I THINK you can see in Video 2 at :58 right after the jumping hard attack and in Video 3 around :56) causes a horizontal wall bounce that can lead into his Mighty Tornado hyper.

It has a lot of combo potential in the air and can be charged but the startup, unless it’s used in a combo, looks terrible and if you miss?  Well you better get an assist out there right quick.


Command Grab Special
This is probably the most interesting move in Thor’s arsenal.  Thor grabs his enemy, yells, “Feel Thor’s might!” and slams them into the ground.  It can be done either on the ground (Video 1 – 1:03) or in the air (Video 2 – :39).  It can’t be comboed into but it looks like both versions can be comboed afterwards (Ground, Video 2 – :25.  Air, Video 2 – :39).   In the corner it can be used for some pretty nasty shenanigans as you saw in Video 2 at :39.

If he hadn’t dropped the combo he could have finished off with a Mighty Strike into the Mighty Tornado Hyper for some decent damage.  Also apparently it combos into his Mighty Tornado without any follow-ups (Video 1 – 1:10), at least according to Seth.  It looks here like there may be a game glitch because Thor slides to nearly middle screen (not a back dash either) before activating the hyper.

This move also puts some serious mind game tactics at Thor’s disposal.  In Video 2 at :25 we can see Chris crouching and most likely holding back to block Cap’s Shield Toss assist.  That’s when Thor pounces, landing the grab and comboing into a nice little aerial rave.  That’s how I see this move being used, Thor moving with assists and utilizing the cover to land the grab and commence with the smiting.

Mighty Spark
I have heard some massive shit being talked about this move and unfortunately it looks to be about right.  The light attack spark comes out at a normal speed while the hard version… well it’s almost embarrassing how slow it comes out (Video 1 – 1:27).  It does cover a decent amount of the screen though.

At first glance it doesn’t look like it will be any use in combos but in Video 2 at :39 while he’s whaling on Ryu in the corner he pulls off a sort of punch into the Mighty Spark.  It doesn’t look like his standing medium attack either.  He sort of backhands Ryu into the Mighty Spark into the Mighty Strike into aerial rave.  Any info on what happens there would be greatly appreciated!

Also, does anyone know if the lightning around Thor’s hammer does damage before the blast?  That might make it more effective in close range combos.

You will never want to see this in-game. It means you're about to get hit by the Mighty Tornado.

Mighty Tornado
This sucker is monster.  There’s really no other way to put it.  It does some massive damage, protects Thor on all sides, and can be utilized in air raves (Video 2 – :58) as well as on the ground (Video 1 – 1:13).  It’s pretty versatile, but I want to know if it eats projectiles and projectile supers?  Anybody have any idea?

Hyper Command Grab
I don’t see this being used… ever (Video 1 – 1:43).  I’m wondering if it can be comboed into?  It does pretty decent damage, looks like just about 20-25% on the Hulk, and looks pretty awesome but unless you’re a pro at abusing those assist into command grab maneuvers you might just want to leave this one be.  You’re going to have to be tactical when using it.

Mighty Thunder
Looks like a beefy Magnetic Shockwave (Video 1 – 1:34).  Apparently you can also combo into it from his Mighty Smash hammer move (Video 2 :33) but Chris bounces a ton before it comes out so I’m guessing players will be able to roll away and block it.  It has wicked startup but does 25% damage so if you can pull it off successfully, freaking do it, but otherwise I think you’ll be sticking with Mighty Thunder.

Try again little man.

His voice acting sounds great and I love that they’re using his modern costume.  Much less hokey, much more bad ass.

Final Thoughts
I honestly think Thor is going to be fun to use, but it remains to be seen if he’ll be worthy of competitive play.  He deals out some great damage, his command grab gives him some scary mind game setups that aren’t usually open to heavy hitters, his Mighty Strike looks incredibly versatile (OTGs, moves him across the screen quick, applies pressure), and his Mighty Tornado hyper hits really hard.

However, his normals are relatively slow, his 8-way air dash looks worthless (unless he can apply some sort of pressure game out of it or catch jump-ins with his command grab), and his projectile, grab hyper, and level three hyper are looking somewhat shady.  I’m hoping that in the next 2 months some genuinely talented players get their hands on him and can give the rest of us a real feel for how the Asgardian plays but I think I’ll still be pumped regardless.  HAVE AT THEE!!!


31 thoughts on “MVC3 Character Analysis: Thor”

  1. Well I haven’t read your entire write up, all i read were the hypers cause i wanted to see your opinion on his command grab. Needless to say i am disappointed to hear it might not be very good, but i wonder can’t you reset into it like polimar from tvc? Cause his was really good.

    1. Don’t get too down my friend! I’m not quite sure how well it’s going to work out for the god of thunder, but from those few videos it looked a little iffy. Also I’ve seen people CONSTANTLY whiff with it in videos. I’m hoping that we’re going to get some decent videos from decent players who actually can utilize it effectively in the future. Stay strong, it might not be as bad as I think!

  2. Granted those videos of Thor are relatively old and they’re older builds of Marvel vs Capcom 3, there’s no telling what Thor can do now and by final release. We haven’t seem him at all in any of the new character demo’s sadly. I look forward to seeing him put to good use.

    1. I was actually watching the stream from the Capcom Food Fight party today and people were using Thor’s air dash for some pretty quick rush down work. Also, you could really see him doing some serious damage, so that was nice. Other thing I saw? Chun Li’s legs are going to be a great assist for him, well for anyone really.

      1. Honestly I couldn’t tell you. From what I saw probably the most recent. Thor looked pretty decent actually. Someone was using his airdash to sick effect in a few matches.

  3. I totally hear you with wanting thor to be awesome. Bad or great I will play the heck out of him cause I love him.

    Two concerns with your analysis:
    One, you say repeatedly that Mighty Thunder is his level 3, but it only uses one bar. Has that changed? Sounded like Seth also said it is not his level 3 since he was trying for his level 3 but Mighty Thunder came out instead (vid 1, 1:33).
    Two, you talk about people tech rolling out of his stuff…I don’t remember tech rolling being in this game. I only played it at evo and pax, but can you point me to a video where someone tech rolls?

    Thanks again for the great read!

    1. Hey dude, yeah I’m pretty sure that Seth meant that it doesn’t take three bars yet. Then again, I might be wrong. The reason I say anything about rolling is that I’ll be amazed if all of those combos work. Chris is down for like one or two seconds before he gets hit by Mighty Thunder. That just seems like a very long time to be out of play. THANKS FOR THE COMMENT!

  4. Pretty nice little analysis.

    On your comment on the Mighty Thunder regarding its start-up:
    It looks like it starts much quicker in Video 1 than in Video 2. They probably changed that between builds.

  5. he is going to be all mighty trash. the fast characters are gonna combo the hell out of his giant hit box. he slow and garb just like gief. thanks for the let down capcom

    1. I don’t know if you got to watch any of today’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Food Fight stream but there were a few people opening up cans of Asgardian ass-kickery with this golden haired giant. I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t be so quick to rule him out just yet!

  6. As the game evolves I hope Thor won’t become a useless Character.Maybe he works well with an assist but then again everyone has that ability and might do it way better if they can fight on their own.Hope half this cast doesn’t turn into “specialist/fun/project” characters like that other game and everyone gets used.Luckily there’s a high chance of that happening because of team Synergy and with Thors grapple and high damage he might preform above average.If he has that 45o Arc dive as an assist maybe with X-23(???)Unblockable setups can be made~Mmmm sounds sexy when I say it Un-Blo-kah-bol.Damn it hurry up and be February so I(We) can find out.

  7. My main idea for how to make Thor useful is to turn damage into big damage. That is, I start off with cap, land an air combo and hand off to Thor for a Mighty Tornado (and hopefully I can even link mighty tornado into hulk’s gamma crush, and if they are still alive link that to hyper charging star).
    My huge concern is Seth’s apparent confirmation that a quick spin of the stick and hitting launch/exchange will counter all exchanges, no matter which direction the comboing player is pressing. If that is how that game ships, it’s hard not to see it as broken, and it severely limits slow big damage partners.

    1. Here’s a little something to ease your mind, courtesy of

      “Keits: People are concerned that using an air exchange to tag and combo extend will be worthless because mashing every direction and the E button reportedly gets you out every time in the TGS build. This is what testers at conventions have said, so I have no idea if its true or not. Does the game have any countermeasure against mashing out exchange counters other than your opponent just not doing exchange tags?

      Seth: You can punish people trying to mash out an air-tag, because if if the attacker doesn’t actually attempt one against someone mashing, the masher leaves themselves open by mashing out their slowest air normal. When you do that, you’re open to air supers, crossups–anything really. If you want to try and mash a counter, you risk resetting yourself, basically. It’s a bit like SSFIV’s frame trap counterhit normals that catch people trying to abuse the “foolproof” crouch tech technique.”

      1. yeah, I read that… but it changes my exchange from having a 1 in 5 chance of being countered (4 directions plus nothing/reset attempt) into a 50/50…

        The possibility of getting an awkward air reset doesn’t comfort me much.

      2. Well just think of it like, in MVC2 there was no aerial exchange. You’re just going to have to weight the risks and rewards of pulling off some freaking awesome looking aerial raves. I wouldn’t worry about it too much man.

  8. I look at characters as what can be changed about them that will make them better while still making them unique as their own style of fighter. So Thor needs buff to grab super so that it grabs instantly( SSF4 Zangief Ultra not Guy Grab Ultra), cancelable 8 way dash or make it faster and fix normal string into launcher so it doesn’t wiff and he should be fine, his projectile doesn’t worry me because he is not a projectile guy, its just a tool he can use.

    Hoping he turns out better in post TGS build.

    1. I’m pretty sure that Thor’s grab has been changed to an instant, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Then again, maybe that’s what I wanted to hear. Also, apparently his downward diagonal dashes are really quick and give him some decent rushdown options. Sigh, that magic series into launcher… it’s just so depressing when he whiffs, but then again maybe that’s just not how you play him. We just have to wait and see… nearly 2 months left!

  9. People don’t understand that Thor is gonna be a beast! Hammer throw from the air, air dash down towards, grab, character bounces crouch hammer spin you guys get the idea yet? Ariel rave into his tornado super IT’S A WRAP fellas!!

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