MVC3 Character Analysis: Super-Skrull

Kl'rt the Super-Skrull

And in this corner, weighing in at a fluctuating glignork, the interstellar annihilator, the elastic executor, sporting the combined powers of the Fantastic Four, he’s one of their most fearsome foes: Kl’rt, the Super-Skrull!

I gotta say, I was uber-pumped to see that Kl’rt made the roster.  There are just so many awesome things that you can do with a character who has the combined abilities of Marvel’s First Family.

First Impressions: Absolute beast.  His Tenderizer is going to be amazing while he’s on the screen and as an assist, he’s got an unblockable command grab, and his Level 3 hyper does sick damage.


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3 Super-Skrull Mini-Walkthrough

From what we can see here, it looks like Skrull’s normals are insanely quick with ok range.  He also has decently fast back and forward dashes (Video  1 – :45).  Not much else to say really.  One thing to note however; in the air Skrull has what appears to be a command normal that stops his forward momentum and sends him careening to the ground much like Hayato’s aerial roundhouse in MVC2 (Video 3 – 2:44).  It might act as an overhead and looks like it causes a radial explosion effect in front of Kl’rt (Video 3 – 2:45).

Skrull unleashes a barrage of elastic arm, rock fist punches.  This move hits OTG and bounces the opponent up for some hyper punishments (Video 3 –  2:03).  It also hits horizontally (Video 3 –  2:30), and acts as an anti-air (Video 1 –  2:45).  It can also be utilized in the air at a downward and upward angle but for fear of filling this page with embedded videos you can check out this link.  Skrull does it at 2:05 in the video.  The Tenderizer looks wickedly difficult to punish simply because it comes out fast, has insane range, can hit low, and can be cancelled into hypers.  Sick.

Stone Smite
One of Skrull’s specials that has very rarely been caught on camera.  Basically Skrull charges up and when you release the button he goes screaming across the screen and delivers a massive fiery rock punch that causes a horizontal wall bounce on connection.  It looks like it hits overhead but alas, it does not.  You can see it in the video below at :24.  I don’t see it being used very often just because it’s so obvious.  It might be ok behind assists for some pressure but… eh.

Video 4

Elastic Slam
An unblockable command grab with absolutely sick range.  The angle of the grab depends on the strength of the button, with the anti-air version going nearly an entire screen (Video 1 – 2:52).   You can see it connects on Morrigan during a hyper animation in Video 5, below, at 1:02 in.  This is a seriously awesome component to Skrull’s game.  You can OTG off of this with the Tenderizer into his Nova Spin hyper (Video 3 – 2:03) and his Level 3 (Video 2 – 2:55).

When you’re playing against a good Skrull you’re never going to be out of range for a beat down.  Your jump-ins won’t be safe without an assist that causes Skrull to block, turtlers will be eating Elastic Slam combo shenanigans, and you’ll constantly need to negotiate your spacing outside the range of his horizontal Elastic Slam.  MIND GAMES ARE GO!

Video 5

Meteor Strike
Skrull launches himself into the air, actually leaving the screen, only to slam back to the ground on top of his enemy (Video 3 – 2:33).  The button pressed changes the landing spot: light attack lands him in his original position, medium puts him about mid-screen, hard comes down at the far end of the screen.  You can combo into this from an aerial rave and then into his Level 3 for some DISGUSTING damage (Video 2 – :15).

I think you’re going to be abusing this move on beamers and spammers.  It makes Skrull completely unpunishable until he lands.  You think Dante, Deadpool, or Ryu wants to chip you to death with a hyper?  Use the hard Meteor Strike, avoid it completely, and retaliate with extreme prejudice.  I like the way this move looks.  A lot.

Orbital Grudge
Skrull ignites his arms and spins forward doing some damage.  The damage, the duration of the spin, and the amount of forward movement are dependent on the strength of the button pushed.  The hard version knocks the enemy into the air and puts them in a juggle state and can combo into his Super Nova hyper.  You can see it in the video below at 1:15.  The light version looks pretty safe on block and might be useful in block strings (Video 5 – 1:15).

Video 6

Nova Spin
This is probably Skrull’s most versatile hyper.  He coils up and then launches himself spinning into the air, his body completely covered in flames.  You can guide the direction of this hyper while he’s in the air and works from the ground as well as in the air.  You can combo into it after his OTG Tenderizer (Video 3 – 2:03), from his standing magic series (Video 5 – 1:40), and you’ll probably be able to land it off of his Meteor Strike and aerial exchanges.

Raging Inferno
Skrull basically explodes into flames, doing damage in a funky circular radius around his body.  You can combo into it from his launcher (Video 4 – 2:50), the hard version of Stone Smite (Video 4 – :24), and off of his Meteor Strike (Video 2 – 1:54).  While not quite as versatile as Nova Spin, it definitely has its uses and I can see it coming into play in any number of respectable DHC combinations.

Death Penalty – Level 3
Ultra painful, very flashy, a beat down of epic proportions.  Skrull disappears into the air Meteor Striking his opponent.  If it hits he goes into a canned special and you’ll get every hit. He winds himself up, pounds the crud out of them with elastic arms, slams them with Ben Grimm’s stone fists, and finally punch them into oblivion with flaming rock haymaker.  This thing is going to be really dangerous.

I can’t tell if you can guide the distance of the landing but from the videos it looks like it only hits at the far edge of the screen away from Skrull, about a character’s length from the edge.  However, it combos off of his OTG Tenderizer (Video 1 – 3:00) and from a successful Meteor Strike (Video 2 – :16).  Sick, believe it.

Call me a flamer again, I dare you!

Anti-Air Tenderizer
Basically just fires off his Tenderizer at an upward angle, catching enemies in a flurry of punches (Video 1 – :30).  I could see this absolutely being useful to punish jump-ins and start aerial raves.

Orbital Grudge
An expansion type assist.  It’s basically the medium version of his special attack, just as an assist (Video 5 – :30).  It’s probably going to be used to extend ground combos.  I wonder if his flaming arms eat projectiles?

Stone Smite
Another expansion type assist that has Skrull using Stone Smite to pressure the enemy (Video 4 – 1:53).  If this hit as an overhead it would have been an amazing tool against turtlers.  As it stands it still gives you a horizontal wall bounce on hit if Skrull doesn’t get hit in the start-up.

Voiced by the same dude who did Mr. Bighead from Rocko’s Modern Life, Skrull looks to be one of the most unique characters on the roster, despite stealing his moves from the FF.  The only thing I have to gripe about is his reliance on Human Torch-like attacks.  I would have liked to see more Thing and Invisible Woman type moves but what do you do?

Final Thoughts
I honestly think Super-Skrull is going to be top tier, alongside Dante, Deadpool, and Amaterasu.  He has a ton of mean specials, an incredibly dangerous unblockable command grab, a ridiculously versatile hyper, and a Level 3 that connects off of two of his specials from easy aerial raves.  Honestly, Skrull is going to mess a lot of people up in the coming months and I can’t wait.


28 thoughts on “MVC3 Character Analysis: Super-Skrull”

    1. The fact that she can duck under nearly every beam/bullet hyper, normal standing attacks whiff on her, she has an instant full-screen hyper, and she has surprising range and OTG possibilities. I think she’s going to beast!

  1. Skrull’s nice but he’s not my cup of tea. How ever my second team will consist of these characters – Dormammu, Trish & Athur!

      1. True that! I do intend to run through all 55 characters. What i really mean is that his gameplay is not like WOW for me yet i guess.

  2. “Voiced by the same dude who did Mr. Bighead from Rocko’s Modern Life”
    Thank you. I knew I’d heard the voice before, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember where. Oh and great guides.

  3. Ya i kinda wanna see Chris, MODOK or Spider-Man XD. But Super Skrull looks awesome in this, i wonder though is Skrull considered Rushdown or Balanced?

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