MVC3 Character Analysis: Amaterasu

The shining goddess, Amaterasu!

She slices, she dices, she creates, and she destroys, she’s the golden wolf goddess Amaterasu!  I think Ammy is probably the most unusual addition to the MVC3 roster, bar none.  Way to think outside the box Capcom!

First impressions: Mad dangerous and crazy annoying.  Her hitbox is tiny, she has an entire screen hyper, a slow down hyper that enhances her combo options, deceptive range, a whole slew of normals, and solid OTG options.

Yeah, Ammy player are going to have a lot to work with.  NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3 – Seth Killian Walkthrough

Unlike most other characters in MVC3 who only have one set of special moves, Amaterasu actually has three depending on which weapon she has equipped and all of them have different properties.  Also, the weapon she has equipped affects the special moves she has available to her at any given time.  Finally, you can switch move sets at any time allowing for INCREDIBLE combo ability.

Gives Ammy her fastest move set, with the highest combo potential (Video 1 – :21).  She has absolutely sick air combo potential with these normals.  Because she attacks with the flaming disc on her back and not her actual body, some of her moves have strange hit boxes, allowing for some combos that might not seem immediately possible. Gives access to Counter Spinning Piledriver Special.

This move set increases her range, damage, OTG possibilities, and allows for some incredibly meaty strikes that you can incorporate into block strings.  In the air she can charge up her downward sword strike which causes a downward wall bounce on hit which can lead into her Elements hyper for big damage (Video 1 – 1:00).  Lots of recovery on these strikes however.  Gives you access to her Sword Dash Strike.

Gives Amaterasu sick range and lockdown capabilities.  She can do damage from nearly the entire screen away (Video 2 – :43).  However, the range boost is balanced by relatively weaker strikes and much decreased combo potential but it gives her access to her Cold Star (Ice Blast) special (Video 1 – :46).

Goddess vs. god, who will win?

8-Way Air Dash
Amaterasu launches a little vine to the other side of the screen and floats along it.  It looks incredibly slow and obvious (Video 3 – :44) but it is cancelable (Video 3 – :55) and that will make it much more dangerous and open up some great opportunities for mind game madness.

Cold Star
Only available when the Rosary is equipped, Amaterasu fires wicked-fast multi-shot projectiles that do heaps of damage and freeze the enemy on hit.  Can be utilized on the ground (Video 1 – :48), as an anti-air (Video 1 – :51), and from the air at a downward angle (Video 3 – 2:00).  This move is a spammers dream.  It has awesome lockdown potential, does great damage, has very little recovery, can punish jump-ins, and can even be cancelled into her Elements hyper (Video 1 – 1:15, however this may only be possible because of the effects of her Slow Down hyper at the time)!

Paper Cut
Amaterasu calls a little piece of paper onto the screen that slowly floats downward from either a high, medium, or low height and damages players if they run into it (Video 3 – 3:11).  The light version falls from a low height and far away, medium falls from a medium height at medium range, and hard falls from nearly right above her from high up.

I keep talking about lockdown potential and this move only adds to her keep away game.  You can combo into it, sure (Video 3 – 3:15), but really you’re going to want to use them as land-mines, forcing your opponents slow their rushdown game and think about how they’re going to approach you.  It’s not clear whether or not you can have more than one paper cut on the screen at a time, probably not, but if you could?  Wowza.

She has such a cute little air dash, am I right?

Counter Spinning Piledriver
This move is only available when Ammy has her Reflector equipped.  Basically it counters a physical attack and the wolf goddess piledrives her enemy, causing what looks like a downward wall bounce (Video 1 – :21).  She might be able to use her airborne Cold Star attack, Elements hyper, or maybe an assist to combo her enemy further.  Fun stuff!

Dash Charge
Can be done on the ground (Video 3 – 2:53) and in the air at a horizontal angle, upward 45 degree, and downward 45 degree angle which cause a horizontal wall bounce (Video 3 – 2:09).  It is available with all of her weapons and opens up some nice OTG combos followed by her charged Glaive strike (Video 1 – :36) followed by the Elements hyper for some mean damage (Video 1 – :57).  If you don’t feel like using her 8-way Air Dash you this might be a decent substitute if you’re going on the offensive.

Sword Dash Strike
I am assuming this is only available with the Glaive equipped.  Amaterasu charges either horizontally (Video 3 – 3:20), or vertically (Video 3 – 3:08) slicing her enemy with her electrified sword.  It can probably be done at a 45 degree angle as well.  It causes electrocution and a hearty amount of stun and you’ll probably be able to use it within combos and as an anti-air.

Cold enough for you?

This hyper is sick.  It does great damage, can be done on the ground and in the air, comes out instantly, and hits full screen (Video 1 – 1:01).  This is her go-to hyper, no exceptions.  It can be comboed off of the OTG charged Glaive strike (Video 1 – 1:01), canceled into from her Cold Star projectiles (Video 1 – 1:15), and looks incredibly safe on block.  Honestly, you see a whiffed attack, throw this out!  Even if they block it you get great chip damage.  If only every character had a hyper this great…

Slow Down
It looks much less useful than her Elements hyper, but we haven’t seen it used much.  Basically, Amaterasu howls and the enemy’s movement speed is reduced drastically.  It looks like this hyper hits regardless if the enemy is blocking or not (Video 2 – 2:05).  It lasts for about 5 seconds, so unless you can get in quick and do some damage, I don’t see it being used very often.  One thing to note however, Seth Killian says that with the enemy slowed, new combo options open up for Amaterasu so we will need to keep an eye out for that (Video 3 – 2:55).

Level 3
Serious damage and some very cool looks make this a Level 3 you’ll want to use whenever you can (Video 3 – 2:29).  You can combo into it as you can see in the video below at 2:08, so that increases its usefulness.  So yeah… It looks awesome, has great vertical range (almost looks like it could anti-air), and does great damage.  USE IT!

Video 4 – Seth Killian Walkthrough 2

The fact that grass grows where she walks is amazing and the way her disk, rosary, and sword orbit around her looks great.  Her model is by far and away the most visually stunning in the game.

Final Thoughts
Ammy has the tools to play a mean keep away game with her Cold Star and Paper Cut specials combined with her Rosary normals.  Plan on totally control the playing field with her normals, specials, and full-screen hyper.  If she wants to get in close she has some great quick normals that can change into some deathly dangerous aerial raves coupled with wicked OTG possibilities with the Glaive.  Also, despite her tiny hit box, her moves have some deceptive range.

She can duck under bullet and beam hypers, dish out great damage, spam for chip, and gosh she just looks amazing.  She is going to be dangerous, really dangerous.  For those of you that are still angry that Clover Studios went under, this is your chance to make the mainstream intellectual properties pay!

p.s. Thanks to the fine gentlemen at the Shoryuken forums for getting the names of some of these specials and figuring out which specials are unique to the weapons: Syke1, yah yaahh b*tch, Windsagio, Jet Set Dizzy, Jnana.


21 thoughts on “MVC3 Character Analysis: Amaterasu”

  1. Dude another great analysis. So with all the mention about her keepaway game, is she considered a keepaway character? Or is she just versatile?

  2. Lol true. So you have to do a Marvel char huh? Either X-23 or MODOK would be rad, mostly cause they look pretty beast. For capcom maybe Redfield or Arthur XD?

  3. i notice on the 2nd video that slow down hyper cause the character to fall slowly. mybe you could do a combo after a previous combo or attack while they fall in slow motion before hitting the ground or recovering from previous combo or attack but i have to wait and see.

  4. I wonder how her slow down hyper would work if comboed with joes slow down hyper? Capcom probably thought of this cause joe and amma seem to always team up in trailers and videos. The hyper does have me intrigued, I love those kind of think outside the box hypers, like the infamous aegis reflectors, hopefully this has some nice applications and doesn’t suck.

    Keep up the good work bro, looking forward to seeing dante’s impressions simply because i wanna count just how many special moves he actually has.

    1. If you watch one of the videos, it might be one of the vids I neglected to include in the write-up, Joe does his slow down hyper, then tags in Ammy who does hers. There wasn’t any noticeable extra slow down, I’m sure that one overrides the other, though Joe’s lasts much longer I think.

      1. Yea seen that before, but ill reserve all speculation till ive spent some time with the game, i mean its only 2 months away now.

  5. Is this an actual analysis from playing the game, or is it just one person’s conclusions based on footage that has been already released?

    1. Just my speculations from observations. I played her a little when I was at NYCC but not enough to really get a feel for her. Check out the Shoryuken boards if you want to get nitty gritty with strats and everything.

  6. Seth Killian mentioned that she had an infinite in a live stream and attempted to show it off, pretty sick. He also mentioned that at the beginning of next year he was going to be able to show us some of the combos he has been working on in a training mode setting which will be awesome.

    Something important I think you left out about her elements hyper is the fact that it looks very easy to DHC into. The last lighting bolt shoots you straight down, looks like just about any hyper with decent ground range will be able to connect off a DHC with it. This seems key to me, one of the things that seems missing from storm’s arsenal is DHC-ability from her lighting hyper. It looks like characters can air recover from it fairly fast.

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