Weekly Want List – December 22, 2010

Christmas Comics!

Well Christmas is just a few days away and what am I doing, thinking about the comics that I want.  Yeah, a little bit selfish maybe but I already did my Christmas shopping.  Quick aside, I never get gift receipts and I always rip off the tags.  Why?  Because I’m getting you a gift and if you don’t like it, well then too freaking bad.  I didn’t have to get you anything now did I?  Grin and bear it mother chucker, you’re building character.

Ok… and now here are the comics I want this week.

Dark Horse
The Guild: Vork #1 – $3.50 – I’m a huge fan of The Guild and I honestly enjoyed the previous series.  Why not pick it up?

DC Comics
Green Lantern Corps #55 – $2.99 – Aside from Guy, Kyle is my favorite Green Lantern so him fighting for the love of his one true love (kinda) against the Weaponer of Qward with Sinestro hot on his heels?  Heck yeah I’m picking it up.

Image Comics
Chew #16 – $2.99 – You guys know how much I dig this series and with the cliffhanger ending we saw in the last ish…  How does a food psychic get involved with aliens?  I NEED TO KNOW!

Invincible #76 – $2.99 – It’s Mark, his father, and Allen the Alien vs. the last of the Viltrumites.  Kirkman and Ottley have been hitting this series out of the park for a long time now.  I can’t wait.

Marvel Comics
Incredible Hulks #619 – $3.99 – Did you see what the resurrected Abomination did to A-Bomb last issue?  I’m sticking with this book just because of that, and the fact that the She-Hulk was drawn with actual bulging muscles… mmmm.  I think we’re going to get mired in plot twists in the very near future though.

Ultimate Comics Doom #1 – $3.99 – I haven’t heard anything about this series but I’m willing to pick it up.  I really like Ultimate Nick Fury and the Ultimate Mystery books were intriguing.  Let’s see what it’s got.  Oh, and I thought Ultimate Doom was dead?  Then again, maybe that’s not what this series is about.

Uncanny X-Men #531 – $3.99 – I like the Uncanny X-Men series and I love Cyclops.  I will pick this up regardless of how bad it sucks.  I’m not saying this series sucks though!  Far from it.  This book has been absolutely solid and it doesn’t look like that’s bound to change any time soon.

Avatar Press
Alan Moore’s Neonomicon #3 – $3.99 – Quite possibly the most disgusting and altogether wrong thing that I’ve read in a while, but also the most fascinating.  I can’t look away.

And I think that’s it for this week.  PEACE!!!


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