MVC3 Character Analysis: Tron Bonne

Gustaff is a go go!

The devious diva and mechanical savant Tron  Bonne makes her second appearance in the MVC series with the release of MVC3.  However, unlike in the previous title where she was relegated to Assist Land and Chip Damage-ville, this time around she’s looking a lot more viable on point.

First impressions: Tron fanboys rejoice!  No longer will you need to drill non-stop, sending Tron careening around the screen like a kid in desperate need of Ritalin.  Nope, now she’s got an unblockable command grab, a great launcher, solid range on her normals, and heaps of other goodness!  Not only that but her mech Gustaff looks phenomenal.  Now let me take you for a ride!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4 Seth Killian Mini Walkthrough

Tron looks like she has absolutely awesome normal moves.  She has a solid standing magic series with ridiculous range on her standing hard attack and jumping hard attack, which can cross-up (Video 4 – 2:04).  Her hard attacks do heaps of damage at the cost of disgusting recovery time, so either cancel them into the Drill for some added safety or prepare to get hurt.  Her aerial hard attack can be pushed twice and on the second hit it causes a downward wall bounce, which leads to TONS of new combo opportunities (Video 2 – :22). Also I love her low medium attack, the spiked wrecking ball type move, because it can be mixed into her standing strings, comes out fast, hits hard, and can be used to start some absolutely wicked combos (Video 2 – :21).

Loving this attack! "Ouchie my toes!"

The range on her aerial medium attack, the dumpster type move, is ridiculous too and for such a far-reaching attack it comes out fast (Video 2 – 1:25).  Then we have her launcher, which looks like a stationary projectile (Video 1 – 1:57).  As such it probably doesn’t have a punishable hitbox.  It has decent vertical range, decent horizontal range, and can be connected after her Drill special for even more crazy attacks.  Loathful recovery though.  I’m loving the way Tron’s normals are shaping up!

The Drill
This was the king, or queen, of annoying moves in MVC2.  Tron would
make a nuisance of herself by rocketing across the screen doing great chip damage and applying pressure but that was about it.  In MVC3 her Drill play is just as prominent but also serves to supplement her array of awesome normals and create mind games for landing her unblockable command grab.  Basically one of Gustaff’s arms transforms into a drill and she quickly charges across the screen doing damage.  It can be done on the ground (Video 2 – :18) as well as in the air (Video 1 – :28).

It can be comboed into from her standing medium (Video 4 – 1:29), and her standing hard (Video 2 – :21) which actually puts them in an aerial state, unlike the medium Drill cancel.  If the Drill connects on the ground you have the option of a launching your opponent and ending the aerial combo with yet another Drill (Video 4 – 3:06) OR using her normals to continue into meaty combo chains near the ground with the possibility of sick OTG setups, downward wall bounces for relaunching, or hyper combos (Video 2 – :23). The strength of the attack and the distance travelled depend on the button pressed, and it seems to be generally assumed that the short Drill is safe on block.  Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen.

I mentioned above the drill will be a key component in her pressure game, and that’s true, but what makes it really stupendous is its ultra fast startup and super quick recovery if you’re using the short Drill.  With the opponent in the corner you can apply disgusting amounts of pressure and when you’ve trained them to block the Drill, BOOM, unblockable command grab or Level 3 unblockable command grab for huge damage!  Tron is going to be very dangerous in the corner.  Believe it!

Burn baby burn, Gustaff inferno!

Boulder Toss
Tron picks up a massive boulder and throws it at the enemy (Video 1 – :27).  I haven’t seen this move utilized very often so I can’t comment on how it works, though I would assume that the button pressed determines the strength of the attack and the distance the boulder travels.  The boulder has a pretty dang big hitbox and it travels full screen-ish, but other than that?  Maybe it negates projectiles like hadoken’s or soul sparks?  Maybe it does damage as she picks the rock up, sort of like Thor’s Mighty Spark start-up?  We’ll just have to wait and see!

Servbot Air Raid
Tron launches one of her little robot buddies into the air at an upward 45 degree angle where they slowly propeller to the ground dealing damage to anyone who hits them during their descent (Video 1 – :39).  This move has a bunch of start-up, so while Servbots are shot upwards, you’re dreaming if you think you can use them as reliable anti-air projectiles.  It also appears that the button pushed affects the height of the Servbot shot (Video 1 – :39).  I’m guessing light pops the Servbot out at the launch point right in front of Tron, medium puts them a little higher about 2 character widths away, and hard launches the Servbot out of the screen about 3 characters away.

While it seems like Tron will be more of a rushdown/mind games character with her Drill special and unblockable command grab, this move adds a little diversity to her arsenal.  If she’s getting rushed and manages to make some space she can pepper the screen with her mini minions.  Like Amaterasu’s paper slash special, it forces attackers to rethink their method of closing the distance between them and Tron, putting her at an advantage.  It’s raining Servbots, Hallelujah!

Cap about to get pwnd after a Serbot Assault.

Servbot Assault
Tron fires a small targeting reticule horizontally or at an upwards 45 degree angle and if the opponent is hit Tron’s loyal minions gang up on the enemy, holding them helpless for a short amount of time.  It can be done on the ground (Video 4 – 1:08) and in the air (Video 1 – :43).  However,  it comes out slow, is remarkably obvious, and takes a while to hit, leaving Tron mad open for punishment, and probably whiffs on small characters due to the height of the shot (Video 3 – :47).  As you can see the shot goes totally over Spider-Man due to his shorter hitbox.  Other character’s it’ll likely whiff on: most crouching characters, Amaterasu, Viewtiful Joe, Arthur, and Spider-Man all the time.

It might be salvageable if this move is viable during combos, like after a wall bounce or mini launcher.  If that were the case I can imagine a lot more uses for this move.  Especially if you were attempting to fit it in a combo string that resembles the one at :20 in Video 2.  If you could pull it off after the first Drill at :22, which pops Wolverine up a little, or after the downward wall bounce hard attack at :24, I can see her inventing some really nasty combos, resets, and possibly even infinites.  Imagine, Drill into Servbot Assault into jumping hard attack x 2, downward wall bounce, Servbot Assault into jumping hard attack x 2, etc.  Unlikely?  Absolutely, but that would be awesome!

Tron looking a bit too excited

Command Grab
I am loving the sheer number of characters with unblockable command grabs in this game!  Tron grabs her foe, flips them upside down, and smashes their heads into the ground while spinning them around Gustaff (Video 1 – :31).  The grab does some great damage but the recovery on hit isn’t that great and Tron ends up tossing the enemy to the edge of the screen they were attacking from, which could be an entire screen away.  Tron wants them in the corner!

While grabbing in the Vs. series has never been a huge component of any character’s game, in MVC3 grabs open up a lot of new pressure and combo possibilities.  You’re not going to be throwing out grabs willy nilly, you’re going to need to hide them inside Tron’s awesome pressure strings, a.k.a. after light Drill pressure in the corner.  Train the enemy to expect a drill and then boom!  Unblockable command grab that can be assist OTG’ed ala Deadpool’s Katanarama, X-23, and Wesker.  LOVING THIS GRAB STUFF!

King Servbot
Her cute little minion transforms and becomes a mechanical engine of adorable destruction, pounding Tron’s enemies with a gigantic inflatable hammer (Video 1 – 1:01).  You can combo this off of her aerial hard downward wall bounce attack in the corner (for sure) and it hits regardless if the King gets them with his hammer (Video 1 – 1:01) or they’re just trapped in his enormous hitbox (Video 2 – :24).  As you can see in Video 2 at :24, the King also hits on his growth upwards, which might be an interesting property.

I’m not quite sure how safe this attack is on block but I can’t imagine it’s totally unpunishable.  I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, but I can see this move adding to her ludicrous ground pressure strings, chipping enemies to death, and other such shenanigans.

Blocking a shield with a shield. Talk about redundant.

Lunch Rush
This was the hyper everyone was waiting for when they announced Tron.  She fires her targeting reticule horizontally and if it hits the enemies it pops them up a bit and when they land they’re stampeded by Servbots (Video 1 – :35)!  It was a killer in MVC2 but it seems to have been toned down in this game, which I’m ok with.  It can be comboed off of the Drill (Video 2 – :39), and canceled out of her standing hard attack after a downward wall bounce (Video 2 – 1:32).  There are going to be plenty of ways to land this attack out of Tron’s bread and butters, so expect to stampede, or have your characters stampeded, often.  DO NOT use it on a whim, it leaves Tron wide open for tons of punishment.

Level 3 Command Grab
Let’s talk about juicy damage and unblockable command grabs.  Tron grabs her enemy and does an enhanced version of her normal command grab resulting in a big explosion and huge damage, around 30-40% life I think (Video 1 –  :47).  Honestly, the damage is ludicrous, but I love it!  Everything I said about the normal command grab applies her as well.  It should be utilized in the corner inside of her pressure strings.  Watch for people to make mistakes to avoid getting caught in the corner for fear of being grabbed and then punish accordingly.  This is why people will fear Tron.  ‘Nuff said.

Bandit Boulder
Tron hucks a boulder at the enemy (Video 2 – :55).  Not much to say here, good for pressure strings?

Gustaff Fire
Tron jumps in and blasts the enemy with her normal flamethrower move.

Bonne Strike
???  Possibly her Drill?

Her dashes don’t look very reliable (Video 4 – :54) but I love the way her mech Gustaff animates.  It looks brilliant.

Tron in all her feminine glory

Final Thoughts
I think Tron is going to be tons of fun to use and very dangerous.  She has wicked pressure strings, absolutely insane mind game and pressure possibilities once she gets you in the corner thanks to her wicked unblockable grabs and light Drill attack.  She can play keep away using her Servbots as cannon fodder and combo into all of her hypers off of her standard bread and butter combo strings.  She is looking very very solid and much more effective on point this time around.  Tron Bonne fanboys rejoice!


33 thoughts on “MVC3 Character Analysis: Tron Bonne”

  1. Nice man, as soon as i saw the first trailer i thought she was beast and also thought “Why isnt she played more in MvC2 XD?”

  2. I’m not sure, but I think I saw a gameplay video of Tron hitting with her Lunch Rush hyper from almost a full screen. It would be incredible if that were the case, though.

    1. You did see that actually, but if you think about it really, so what? The targeting reticule takes a lifetime to get to the other side of the screen and Tron is completely vulnerable during that time. Any projectile special, hyper, assist or super jump will give enemies a free punish. Heck I think just crouching will dodge Lunch Rush. However if there are legitimate opportunities for using Lunch Rush at full screen, go for it, but I think we’ll only be seeing it in her combos.

      1. Don’t worry bout the target gun being slow, it always has been. I’ve been a Tron main since MVC2 first came out, and she’s still in my top teams (Cable/Doom/Tron) and (Cyclops/ Sentenel/ Tron). The gun is super slow in MVC2 as well, but it was a great spam move. I’m not sure how spamable it is in MVC3, but it DOES look faster to me in this game, which means could be deceptively even better now. I get a good mind game from using it by throwing it out when people recover OTG, or just playing a long range game with mix up between her boulder, air servebots, and assist. At some point it either took out an incoming assist before it can attack, or hits an opponent in the midst of dodging or rushing. If you throw the move out with a good plan, or you can keep away well, you can get a hit, and the beauty of the move now, is that once those lil’ guys get a hold of you, I think she can punish for a lot more damage than she used to!

      2. I hope so! At first I thought you were talking about Lunch Rush and I was going to subtly and compassionately flame you a little. Your last sentence speaks volumes though “If you throw the move out with a good plan, or you can keep away well, you can get a hit.” Words to live by for sure! Thanks for the intelligent post my friend!

      3. Well if it’s a delayed projectile like the beacon bomb. then it can be comboed into using assists. Mvc2 Tron had a lot of potential but required assists to close the gaps.

        Juggernaught’s earthquake or viper beam would close the gap for beacon bomb.

        Lunch rush’s delay from across screen could make an awesome follow up when canceling someone else’s Hyper. ( I’m already planning on testing it with Amaterasu’s elements or Chris’s Weapons Hyper.

        Take advantage of the fact that it doesn’t hit right away!

      4. I hope that it didn’t seem like I was making the Lunch Rush hyper seem useless, I just meant that it’s incredibly unsafe all by itself. Unless you have a good strategy or a hit confirm/assist into it you don’t want to be tossing it out there. Not hating on Lunch Rush, just saying that it’s situational.

  3. Great writeup. A chick that has a giant mech with a cute sidekick.Sick pressure, command grab, great normals, chip damage, LVL3 Command grab for insane mixups and a great crossup. Hopefully her health is good (Probably missed this in the writeup). She is looking like a great char.

  4. Tron Bonne actually looks pretty awesome in this game. She is one (of the like… 10,000 people) that I am thinking about using in this game. Good analysis as always =)

  5. Okay, this was a great write-up! Being a huge Tron fan myself (the fanboy thing made me lul bigtime), I think she looks incredibly awesome. I do think the Bonne Rush will be the biggest part of her game, and she’ll want as many super gauges as possible. Glad to see what her assists are, as well. Out of random curiosity, what are your assumptions to Tron’s tier placement? If you have any, that is. ;P

  6. in mvsc2 she was a great assist, but her gameplay was too basic, i stillcan’t believe this is the final version of mvsc3 the game looks awfulin every dimension , i feel like sad, im not trolling, i think is a free space to comment, and this is a way to me to leave some “pain” somewhere.

  7. sumo by any chance you mind writing up on Trish? I’m planning on playing her since Dante is pretty much overshadowing her popularity but not uniqueness. She more of a ambiguous trap character while Dante is purely offensive.

    Nice writeup though…can’t wait to murder this waste of a character lol.

  8. Okay, so has no one ever seen a talented Tron player in MVC2 or what? Because for anyone to call her plain or a character with no win skills would mean they just don’t take real time to explore a character in depth. In fact, this MVC3 “Drill > Command grab” isn’t too far off from what Tron does in MVC2. If she’s off the ground at all in her drill, she can immediately grab after in corner, in turn making fatal combo damage from her awesome corner throw. This character has always had the tools too win on almost all fronts for her arch-type of character. I really hope MVC3 turns out to be a game where and skilled player can win with his favorite characters, this game can do it. If you put the time and effort, you can play any character and do more than you think they can do. That’s how we get ridiculous and show you bullshiz at the arcade you never knew about. Tron has had insane mix-up, corner, and spam game as well as a killer assist. And if they made her better, I just can’t wait to main her against Storm and actually woop the average good scrub. I can dream can’t I? Also, my friends play at James Games in Upland, California if anyone wants a game.

      1. LOL well maybe it’ll be possible in MVC3? I have a feeling Triangle Dash Chars are not going to be anywhere near the best by default. So I’m sure Tron will take out the trash for me. 😉 Either way, I’m set on using Tron and Pheonix, no matter what “Tier spot” they’re in. And I hope my team ends up being a rare(-er) team that you don’t see. I just haven’t decided my last char til the roster is done, but I’m sticking to that team for a looooooooong time.
        You know us creative vets, we CANNOT wait to destroy the tools! MMMMHM!!! BTW, where you from Sumo? Will I see you at any Ca tourneys this summer? I’d love to BS with you. I can tell you have a balanced but genuine love for this game. Let’s get some games in with our OG teams bro! ^_^

      2. What do you like about Phoenix if you don’t mind me asking? I wasn’t pumped for her at all, but man like I’m always saying, we don’t know nothing til the game is out! Haha, I’m actually in Michigan, SO far away from Cali and I’m an absolute scrub when it comes to playing these games. I love them from the bottom of my heart, but I can’t really play them all that well. I can’t freaking wait! 4 more weeks!

  9. Man… it looks like she won’t have her throw assist anymore… I loved using that when crossing up instead of attacking. It was an awesome setup for dash/projectile hypers….

  10. Hey Sumoslamman, Do you have an Xbox Live Account or PSN account, you wanna trade informations to play each other when MVC3 comes out? BTW, Another great article about another great overlook character, I bet with this information, I can be the most talented Tron player taking out Dante noobs online.

    1. Haha, I hope my analysis helps you pwn noobs but it’s no substitute for hours in the training room. My Xbox Live gamertag is: iFight4Food and right now I’m laming it up as Guy is SSF4. Later my friend.

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