Weekly Want List – January 19th, 2011

The return of Odin!

It’s not often that I can say I’m glad there are only a few comics that I want coming out this week, but this Wednesday happens to be one of those days.  I’ve been dropping $40 a week on funny books lately and honestly, that’s a bunch of dough that I probably don’t need to be spending.  IT’S AN ADDICTION I TELL YOU!  This week I think I might be safe though, as long as the local shop doesn’t have any more awesome trades on clearance…

DC Comics
Green Lantern Corps #56

Amazing 3D Comics Hardcover – I love learning about the history of comics, but unfortunately these big juicy hardcovers are usually more expensive than I’d like.  $40?  I’ll wait til it’s donated to MSU’s Special Collections.  Or until I make tons of money.

Image Comics
Firebreather vs. Dragon Prince – I love Firebreather and any chance I get to snag new material I’m doing it.  Awesome series.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the kid.

Thor #619 – The only reason I might want to get this book is because it seems likely Marvel’s getting the Thor universe back to how it was, especially with the return of Odin.  I’m curious to see where they take it.

And there you have it, my short and sweet list for comics this week.  I’m writing this between work shifts so it’s bare bone, but bare with it!


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