Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Showdown Spotlights: Round 2

Me = Sumo

Hey there duders, this week we saw a whole slew of brand new MvC3 Showdown Spotlights on written by yours truly.  Once again I gotta give a shout out to my awesome editor, Ryan Penagos, for giving me this opportunity and also the ineffable Harry Go for making such striking graphics.

Also, I think I’ll just write a couple of sentences on why some characters were matched up with others and shed a little light on my thinking, or lack there of as it were.  Also, feel free to comment on any of these match-ups because gosh knows some of you are going to have something to say.  AWAY WE GO!

Spider-Man vs. Zero
MvC3 Showdown Spotlight: Spider-Man vs. Zero
Alright, so these two characters were part of the last bundle of the roster that hadn’t been matched up yet so I thought, “Why not?”  Zero is a robot with a laser sword and an energy blaster.  Spider-Man has fought cyborgs with those same exact weapons a million times over.  I thought this would be a no-brainer for Spidey but man was I wrong.  Fans totally picked Zero.  I wonder why?

Dormammu vs. Morrigan
MvC3 Showdown Spotlight: Dormammu vs. Morrigan
I had these two going up against each other because they’re both creatures of magic, demons of the highest order.  However, at the end of the day I gave this to Dormammu.  Unless Morrigan dug deep and unlocked her full potential (which has been rumored to equal Pyron’s planet-destroying power) the Lord of Chaos has this easy.

Shuma-Gorath vs. Chris Redfield
MvC3 Showdown: Shuma-Gorath vs. Chris Redfield
This match-up came down to pure appearances: Shuma looks exactly like something you’d find crawling out of a burning Umbrella research facility.  He’s big, green, and tentacle-y.  Chris shoots, flamethrows, and knifes nasty things like that every day of his god dang life.  However, Shuma-Gorath is also a uber-powerful demon who could smoosh Chris into oblivion.  Shuma ftw.

She-Hulk vs. Spencer
MvC3 Showdown Spotlight: She-Hulk vs. Spencer
I was swayed to pit these two against each other purely for alliterative purposes.  I like the way those S’ sound.  She-Hulk vs. Spencer, yeah, I stand by that decision.  Unfortunately Shukie takes this one in a landside.  Sure Spencer’s gone up against some pretty heavy shit, but he’s never gone hand-to-hand with someone who can smash mountains.  She-Hulk would have no problem ripping his bionic arm off.  However, if Rad got the drop on Jen, well then it would be all over for her alter-ego.

Doctor Doom vs. Jill
MvC3 Showdown: Doctor Doom vs. Jill
Ok, I feel bad about this one.  I really do.  Jill doesn’t stand a chance.  At all.  My thinking going into it was that Jill has fought these sort of world domination types before, why not have her throw down with Doom?  My brain must have been running on empty.  Jill is buried in a rockalanche.

Storm vs. Trish
MvC3 Showdown Spotlight: Storm vs. Trish
Two words: Cat fight.  That was literally the only thinking that I had behind this duel.  Storm is a good looking lady, Trish is a good looking demon.  Who do you think would win?

And that’s this past week’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Showdown Spotlights from!  Be sure to check out a new Showdown every day leading up to a short nine days away!


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