A while back I did a two-part post that basically broke down my reasons for wanting to attend grad school at Michigan State University and how I was going to go about achieving that goal.  You can check out those posts here for numero uno and here for number 2.  Well I have good news: I GOT IN! Not too shabby for a guy who’s been graduated for almost two years now.

I got the e-mail and subsequent letter about three weeks ago and since then I’ve been trying to figure out if I should go.  My dad has this nasty tendency of making me second guess myself at every major event in my life (something I’m almost grateful for) and he seems convinced that grad school might not be the best decision.  Why?  1) It’s expensive.  2) It takes two years.  3) It won’t guarantee me a job.

Yes, all three of those things are absolutely true but I have to throw my own counter-points out there.  1) I can get a TA-ship and have tuition paid for and get a little extra on the side and if that fails obviously I can get loans and apply for scholarships.  2) For two years I’ll be able to fully engross myself in comics, publishing, editing, and the realm of digital rhetoric, preparing me more fully for the industry I’m going to be working in come graduation.  2 years is a blessing as far as I’m concerned.  3)  I have no answer to this one.  There are no guarantees in life and no one owes me anything, but I will get a job.  I know that.

I suppose really, grad school is what I want.  It’s what I moved back home to Michigan to do.  I was accepted to a highly competitive Masters program in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing, less than 18% of people who applied got in, and I was one of those lucky few.  I’m proud of the work I put in and proud that the Graduate Committee saw some merit and potential in my application.  This is what I want.  BRING IT ON!


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