MvC3 Showdown Spotlights: Final Round

Sumo = Me

Hey everybody, today wraps up my series of Showdown Spotlights over at  It’s a shame I’m finished because I had a blast learning about some of the Capcom characters and it was wonderful being able to throw out my two cents on how the characters would play.

Now that so many people have the game, and so many more will have it tomorrow, we can see if anything I said actually carries any truth!  Again, I’d like to thank Ryan Penagos for giving me this opportunity and Harry Go for making such badass banners.  You sir, are a Jack-of-all-trades if I ever met one.  Now let’s go for a ride!

Thor vs. Amaterasu
MvC3 Showdown: Thor vs. Amaterasu
Who didn’t want to see these two divinities battle it out?  I have to give this one to Thor simply because I’m not incredibly familiar with Amaterasu’s abilities outside of MvC3 and I know that Thor is a freaking beast.  In game?  Ammy takes it in a rockalanche.

X-23 vs. Felicia
MvC3 Showdown Spotlight: X-23 vs. Felicia
The ultimate cat battle.  These girls both have claws, they both look good, and they’re both fierce in a fight.  In-game I’ll give this to X-23 due to her crazy mixups but outside, no I’ll give that to X-23 too.  Felicia might have some nifty little abilities but nothing that compares to unbreakable razor-sharp adamantium claws and an amazing healing factor.

Captain America vs. Wesker
MvC3 Showdown: Captain America vs. Wesker
Probably my favorite match up since I feel like it’s so even.  Super soldier vs. mutated freak show manipulator deviant.  I want to give this to Cap cause I know he’s got the heart to get this one done but Wesker…  I mean he’s a bastard!  Nope, still giving it to Cap.  Anyone who takes down the Red Skull can take down some mutated virus jockey.  If anyone was wondering though, I think this was the most even poll, with Cap eeking out a win with 50.07 % of the votes!

Deadpool vs. Dante
MvC3 Showdown: Deadpool vs. Dante
I suppose this match up just had to happen but I wasn’t the one that wanted to see it.  I can’t remember who I had these two up against initially but I was foolish to believe they could be kept apart.  Dante takes this no questions asked.  He has Pooly outclassed in nearly every department except for annoying factor.  Dante ftw.

Taskmaster vs. Crimson Viper
MvC3 Showdown: Taskmaster vs. C. Viper
This one isn’t too difficult to call, especially since C. Viper is just a normal human.  Taskmaster can easily use his superior fighting skills and weapons to bring her down.  I’m not saying that she wouldn’t put up a great fight, but Tasky has tangoed with some of the best that the Marvel U has to offer and those guys would squash her.  Tasky takes it.

Magneto vs. Arthur
MvC3 Showdown: Magneto vs. Arthur
Harry made the best banner for this match up, bar none.  Arthur poking Mags in the eye with his lance?  Awesome.  I put these two together simply for shits and giggles.  I loved how much pluck Arthur showed in that one game trailer as he charged Magneto with his fire bottle.  Heh.  Anyway, the Master of Magnetism crushes Arthur in his metal armor.  Done.  (However would the magic armor pose a problem?)

Phoenix vs. Chun-Li
MvC3 Showdown: Phoenix vs. Chun-Li
Again, another cat fight, but this one is a little more one-sided.  Now I hate playing as or against Chun-Li in ANY fighting game, so I may be biased, but Phoenix wins this one.  She doesn’t even have to touch Chun to get the knockout, just hit her with stuff, choke her with telekinesis, or make her forget all of her martial arts training.  Sorry Chun, or am I >:)?

Sentinel vs. Hsien-Ko
MvC3 Showdown Spotlight: Sentinel vs. Hsien-Ko
Now I personally think that almost every character on the roster, except for maybe the base-line humans, would own a Sentinel.  Honest to goodness, unless you’re dealing with some of the more suped up varieties, or Bastion/Nimrod, a normal Sentinel is just a big pile of metal waiting to be sent to the scrap heap.  And Hsien-Ko has cool powers.  Hsien-Ko FTW!

Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s it for this guy.  Now I’m probably going to go back to my standard one article a week schedule for the wonderful but this was totally fun while it lasted!  Hope you guys enjoyed the showdowns and voted and all that jazz and maybe I’ll be able to hook everyone up with some more cool stuff once the game is in everyone’s hands.



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