#NewComics and 1 Bookshelf Filled


Hey I can’t believe it’s really been more than two weeks since my last post.  I have been L A Z Y!  But now I’m getting back into the swing of things.  I’m exercising regularly (P90x is kicking my butt!) and my sleep schedule has finally gotten back to some sort of equilibrium (Now my body wakes me up at 8:30 – 9 instead of 11:30 a.m.  Yay!).  I’m going to upload some of my grad school application materials here so everyone can get a look at them if they so choose.

Right now I want to talk about my new comics from Wednesday and one gleaming milestone in my life, my big bookshelf is completely filled to bursting with graphic novels and I need to get a new one.  Happy days!  But more on that in a bit, check out the comics for this week!  I need a graphic for #NewComics… hmm…

Comics for March 2nd, 2011

First off, sorry for the crudball photograph, my telephone isn’t the most reliable piece of image-capturing technology.  So what did I pick up this week?  I got Chew #17, Green Lantern #63, and Ultimate Captain America #3, as well as three graphic novels: Too Much Adventure, JLA – The Obsidian Age vol. 1, and JLA – The Obsidian Age vol. 2.

Ultimate Captain America #3

I had a ton of fun reading my comics this week.  Jason Aaron insists on bringing some of that Scalped magic over to Ultimate Cap and it does wonders for the book.  By far my favorite Ultimate hero,we get to see a smaller side of Cap in this issue.  He’s not perfect, indefeatable, or immortal and when pushed to the breaking point he does something very human: He questions his faith.

I like seeing this side of Steve and Aaron lets it eek out through the story during the quiet moments.  Instead of page after page of introverted self examination the story changes gears and where once Cap had enemies to hit and lash out against, now he finds himself alone with a nagging, gnawing doubt infinitely more dangerous than the physical threats surrounding him.  Almost forgot to give Ron Garney his props.  I love the sketchy line work in this series.  Nothing is too detailed unless Garney’s drawing attention to it, great stuff.

Chew #17

Then we’ve got Chew.  Have I mentioned that I love this series?  Yes, I think I have, at least once or twice.  There’s just something about the awesome cartoony art and the story I want to take seriously but just can’t, that hooks me and reels me in every dang time.  We seem to be getting somewhere with all of this crazy alien food madness that seemed so out of place in, what was it, the third or fourth issue?  Reminds me of the original run of Eastman and Laird’s TMNT!

Regardless, now we’re going somewhere and with the sudden and unexpected inclusion of Chew’s previously unmentioned daughter, I’m very excited to see a bit more relationship drama here.  Gah, things can’t get any better in this series, but I expect to be pleasantly surprised next month.

Green Lantern #63

Up next we’ve got Green Lantern #63 which was probably the weakest of the bunch.  We read the first couple of pages last month, which isn’t a big deal but I find it very difficult to care about Hal Jordan.  He’s doing the whole rebellious thing but he comes off as a toned down Guy Gardner.  Guy just does it so much better.  I grew up with Kyle Rayner and so it’s been very difficult to adjust to this cocky stubborn green-slinger with no personality.  I know the guy’s got history, but he’s as appealing as cardboard on the page.  The inclusion of the other Lanterns makes this book worth reading though, and the ego on Sinestro is simply staggering and oh so fun to read.

As the Green Lantern universe continues to expand (Green Lantern Corps and Emerald Warriors) I find it more difficult to pick this book up but it’s become a habit.  If it weren’t for the other lanterns and Salaak’s most recent orders I would have no reason to read this. Story aside, Ed Benes and Ardian Syaf do a phenomenal job with the art.  Very clean with some Pelletier mixed in.  A pleasure to look at to be sure.

p.s. On the cover it says ASSAULT on OA!  There’s no assault.  At all, just so you don’t get your hopes up.

I’m not going to do the graphic novels but hot dang I enjoyed the JLA stuff.  I’m not a huge DC buff but when Doug Mahnke is on pencils you can count me in!  Too Much Adventure was a clearance purchase that looked fun and turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable little romp.  My only gripe is that often times the dynamic duo get a little wordy when they’re talking.  It’s the style and it is entertaining but sometimes it slows down the story, which is B A D!

Also I think I reached a milestone this week: I discovered that my bookshelf is totally filled with graphic novels.  Color me happy!


So yes, eventful Wednesday and expect more writing in the near future.  I’m getting back on this horse, I swear.



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