Post-Grad School Acceptance Stuff

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve been accepted into MSU’s Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing Masters program.  I just wanted to write a post or two showing everything that I supplied for acceptance which turned out to be:

  1. A Completed Application for Graduate Study
  2. One Copy of Each Transcript From Every College/University I Attended
  3. A Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  4. A Personal Statement
  5. At Least Two Writing Samples (one should be a single-authored research paper)
  6. Three Letters of Recommendation

1. A Completed Application for Graduate Study
This is the easiest portion of the acceptance process because you’re just filling out standard clerical information: name, age, schools attended, blah blah blah.  There is also an essay portion in which you tell the graduate committee about yourself, your motivations, and the rest of that jazz.  I was able to skip that part because my college asked for a personal statement (#4) instead of using the application essay method.  Get this done early and get it out of your mind!

2. One Copy of Each Transcript From Every College/University I Attended
Alright, maybe this was the easiest part of the process because I literally had to do nothing.  I applied to my undergrad university for grad school and the college supplied my transcript.  Done and done.  However, if you aren’t applying to your undergrad college make sure you get on your advisors to get your transcripts out!

3. A Curriculum Vitae or Resume
If you’re applying to grad school do yourself a favor and make a curriculum vitae.  If you’re applying for something as academic as a masters program a CV is absolutely a better way to go than a resume.  Graduate committees don’t care about your job history, you most likely provided some of that in the official application, they want to see the academic stuff you’ve done!

Things like teaching assistantships, research assistantships, academic papers you’ve written and any of your work that has been published, put them on there!  I’ve included my CV below to give you an idea of what one looks like – Ben_Chabala_Curriculum_Vitae.  The format can be played with, there’s really no right or wrong way to do these things, but your Research Experience (if any) and Professional Experience should all reflect or at least indicate an interest in what you’re applying for in the program.

In my CV I put a heavy emphasis on all of my comic book job experience and professional writing experience.  I was an editor on The Art of War graphic novel, I’ve been a freelancer for for over a year now, and I was a Web Editorial Intern in the summer of 2009.  I was a waiter too but why would they care?  Include only pertinent info!



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