Weekly Want List – March 23rd, 2011

Salaak needs to get his mean green on.

I don’t know why I haven’t been keeping up with this post at the very least, it’s so darn easy!  But here we are and this week there’s certainly a few I’m looking forward to.

DC Comics
Green Lantern #64 – From the cover this issue looks to be a drop down punch fest but I’m not really sure what’s gonna happen on the pages.  I was excited about the prospect of Salaak taking on Hal but so far this series has been a bit disappointing.

Green Lantern Corps #58 – I really enjoy the Corps series and this issue should be no exception.  Plus it’s Kyle vs. John?  Definitely gettin’ it.

Image Comics
Marineman #4 – If you can see beyond this book’s slothful start there’s some fun things brewing on the horizon.  And I really like Churchill’s art so that definitely helps!


Marvel Comics
Hulk #31 – The adventures of “Thunderbolt” Ross as the Red Hulk have been brilliant thus far.  I’m a believer!

New Mutants #23 – As the Age of X rolls on I’m more and more excited to see Basilisk tear the bad guys, or any guys, a new one.  This alternate dimension Cyclops is freaking awesome.

Ultimate Comics: Doom #4 – What could possibly have caused Reed to snap?  Also, Invisible Girl has become an epic bad ass and I want to see Ben Grimm use his new Wonder Man powers!

Uncanny X-Men #534 – I will always get this book regardless of how well it’s written or pencilled.  I just need it!

X-Men #9 – Bachalo on pencils means this is a purchase.  Doesn’t hurt that the book is fun and Spider-Man’s always a welcome addition to the X-Team.

Invincible #78 – Invincible stuff is wonderful.  I will keep reading as long as it keep coming.  Huh… not much to write today.

Fables #103 – With the Dark Man looming ever present at the walls of Sanctuary and the Fables creating their own super hero squad, how can you not pick this up?  Probably the most consistently awesome book out today.

Alan Moore’s Neonomicon #4
– There’s only so much you can say about this, it’s awesome but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.  It needs to be read and I’m going to do it!

That’s it team.  Let’s do it.  New comics tomorrow!


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