Weekly Want List – March 30th, 2011


I’ve set myself a budget but comics are exempt from my penny pinching… MWAHAHA!  Luckily this week we don’t have too much madness going on so I won’t feel bad for spending the money.  I’m really excited for Scalped and where Emerald Warriors will take my favorite ring slinger.

DC Comics
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8 – What can I say?  I want Guy to tear Hal to pieces and I’ll pay to see it happen.  Will it?  Probably not but here’s to hoping.

Proof: Endangered #4 – I like John Prufrock.  I like mythical creatures.  I like John Prufrock, a sasquatch, kicking mythical creatures’ asses in the middle of busy cities.  Yeeaaahhh boiiii!

Marvel Comics
Avengers #11 – I never got to read any of the original Infinity Gauntlet series when it was hitting store shelves way back when so I consider this my Infinity Gauntlet right here and now.  Heroes unite, crush that stupid Hood guy.

Black Panther: Man Without Fear #516 – Holy crud I have been enjoying this series.  The pencils, inks, and colors fit the tone of the story so darn well it’s mind-blowing.  Does Daredevil ever need to come back?

Cyclops #1: I’m not sure about this book, but ol’ one-eye is my favorite X-Man… these stories are usually hit or miss so I’m hoping this has something for a diehard Scott Summers fan.

Ultimate Comics X #4: Art Adams you make me weep.  Your pencils are so pretty but it takes you 13x longer than the average comic book artist to do a book.  Will it be worth the wait?

Scalped #47 – Things on the rez just keep getting more and more fucked up.  What the hell is Catcher up to and what does it mean for Dash…  Gosh I love this book.  Thank you Mr. Aaron!

And that’s it for this week.  PEACE!


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