Weekly Want List – May 23rd, 2011

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #2

We’re look at a slow week for comics which is great for my wallet.  I’ve got a brilliant Memorial Day Weekend coming up with my beautiful girlfriend in the great white north, aka Cheboygan, so I won’t be spending too much moolah on comics come Wednesday.  That being said, these are the books that I want.

Dark Horse Comics
The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #2 – Any time a writer/artist attempts to expand or transform a classic piece of literature from the public domain into comics, I’ll be there to read it.  I can only hope that issue #2 is just as great as #1!

DC Comics
Green Lantern #66 – It’s gosh darn Green Lantern isn’t it?  I’M GETTING IT!  Though just as an aside, this is probably my least favorite of the three series.

Green Lantern Corps #60 – See above minus the last sentence.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10 – See above.

Image Comics
Super Dinosaur #2 – Michigander Jason Aaron is penciling this bad boy, and I liked issue #1, so this’ll definitely be a purchase!  Gotta support Mitten artists!

Marvel Comics
The Incredible Hulks #629 – I like Hulk taking on magic and I can’t wait to see what happens with Betty.  While I think Bruce needs to get out more and see other women, yeah I know that’s hard because all the women he loves eventually bite it, it’s fun watching him deal with the She-Hulk side of his ex-wife.

Mighty Thor #2 – Olivier Coipel penciling Thor = ‘Nuff said.

Uncanny X-Men #537 – I have an unbroken run of Uncanny X-Men from issue 300-something and that’s not changing any time in the near future.

X-Men: Legacy #249 – I’ll see where this one goes, but I can’t promise that I’ll buy it.

Weekly Wish List
The Anthology Project vol. 2 – I was absolutely blown away by the quality of volume 1.  It wasn’t just that the comics were wonderful, they were, but the book was beautifully made as well and it’s just a pleasure to hold and look at.  I can’t afford to throw $30 at a hardcover anthology right now, but if I could I would totally be picking this up.

Book of Lilah – I don’t know anything about this book, which is a crying shame because the cover is pretty and the premise sounds interesting.  A girl has to save the Keepers, a group of benevolent knowledge gatherers that aids the evolution of mankind.  I want it, but a $9 graphic novel just isn’t in the cards right now 😦


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