Grad School Begins!

For all of you new readers here at I Speak Comics, besides being an inexhaustible spouter of comic book lore, I’m also a graduate student at Michigan State University!  Impressive right?  Anywho I’m just writing a little to explain why I haven’t been updating the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 stuff and my regular comic book stuff.

It’s just been so darn hectic around here!  I’m finally moved into my new place and I had my graduate orientation today (Free taco bar for lunch.  Booyah.).  Got to talk to my masters cohorts as well as some PHD students and honestly, they seem really interesting.  A few were even interested in comics!

So now I’m trying to balance this grad school madness with my extracurricular writing, writing tutor job, my fighting games, my comics, my pr job, and the most wonderful girlfriend in the world.  I’ll keep you mothers updated and keep your eyes peeled for a Doctor Strange post in the future!

p.s. I hate just writing and posting without any proofreading but… oh well.


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