I Read about a Hurricane in NYC and Then a Hurricane Threatens NYC. Coincidence?

The day Hurricane Irene threatened to rip New York City a new one I had just finished reading The Sandman: A Game of You.  It’s the fifth volume in Neil Gaiman’s amazing run on the Dream King and a great little book in itself.  In it a hurricane, “Mean Lisa,” blasts the five boroughs with gale-force winds, topples building, and kills a ton of people.

Can you imagine if things that you read about somehow took shape in real life?  The Big Apple would be cleaning up more than just floodwater in the subways I can tell you that much!  If that were the case I don’t know if I’d ever read anything ever again for fear of loosing something terrible upon the waking world.  Though I suppose if I seriously vetted my reading list that could be sort of awesome…  Just a random thought on a random Sunday evening.


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