Unlimited Highlights: Avenger’s VS X-Men

Unlimited Highlights: Avengers VS X-Men

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, here I am bringing you another edition of Unlimited Highlights!  I’m sure all of you have heard about Marvel’s next big event, and if you haven’t then be sure to check it out here, but this week pits Earth’s Mightiest Heroes against the Children of the Atom in all-out war.

Favorite issue this week?  Definitely Captain America Annual #8.  Story is a touch of awesome and the art is wonderful.  I don’t know how much work I’ve seen from Michael Zeck but I’m definitely going to keep my out for his work in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.  Read on my friends!


Unlimited Highlights: Mr. Sinister

Unlimited Highlights: Mister Sinister

I can honestly say that I truly enjoy the maniacal machinations of Mr. Sinister.  He’s so malevolent and manipulative in an almost detached, academic sort of way.  He’s not trying to be evil, he’s just trying to get his science on.

In particular I loved X-Factor #39.  Sick art and a sick story arc made for one amazingly wild ride.