SumoSlamMan’s UMvC3 Team Breakdown – Frank, Thor, Ghost Rider

What’s up everybody?  I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, seriously about a month, and I want to rectify that immediately, this being a new year and all.  I want to talk about my main team in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Frank, Thor, Ghostrider.  This series of articles will attempt to examine each character’s strengths and weaknesses, assist abilities, their positions on the team, and my priorities with each.

Part 1: The Overview

This team is built to get Frank to Level 4 off of any stray hit.  Frank rocks the point position, Thor backs him up with Mighty Spark, and Ghost Rider waits in the wings with Chain of Rebuttal at the ready.  This team has some really surprising synergy too.  Their DHCs work well enough, it’s pretty easy pumping Frank up to Level 3/4, and Frank and Thor’s assists are great for whatever character is on point. At this point Ghost Rider feels like a rather one-dimensional character and I’m really only using him for his assist (thinking about changing it up to Rocket Raccoon soon), but I really enjoy leveling up Frank, their DHCs are definitely workable, and I like playing with such a unique team so on with the show!

Frank West works point

The Point Man

Why do I play Frank on point?  Well next to Thor, Frank is my favorite character in this game.  He’s got a ton of fun and useful special moves, he can relaunch out of nearly any situation, he has an anti-air hyper, he can toss zombies at the enemy, and when you put in the work he becomes an absolute monster at Levels 4 and 5.

Frankly (pun intended) as noted above, the point of this team is to get Mr. West to Level 4-5 off of any hit.  As long as my two assists are alive that’s totally possible.  That being said  I don’t have a ton of advice for playing Frank alone because very rarely does Frank find himself without backup in my matches.  I don’t mean that I’m so stunningly great that Frank always has assists, it’s just that he’s usually the first to go and then it’s up to Thor and Ghost Rider to hold the line after things go south.

How do I level Frank up?  My strategy for pushing Frank into that mythic land of Level 4 is gratuitous use of Thor’s Mighty Spark assist.  You guys have probably seen videos where Frank combos into Dr. Strange’s Eye of Agamotto or Dormammu’s Dark Hole assists right?  No?  Well then check out Dream King’s totally awesome Frank combo vid here.  Anyway Mighty Spark’s initial start-up blast radius works in much the same way.  Off of any hard knockdown call Thor, take a photo that pops them into the electricity, which does a nice little 7 hits, and carry on with the damage.

My main b&b to Lv. 4 uses Thor and Ghost Rider’s assists, works anywhere on the screen, builds 1.5 meters, does a decent 730k damage, and leaves the opponent in the corner.     If I have enough meter and I’ve got a low-health character caught in the combo I’ll DHC into Thor’s Mighty Tornado for a nasty 930k.  I’ll post some combo vids in the next installment.


The Second in Command

I love Thor.  While I don’t doubt that the ass-kicking Asgardian would rather be out on the front lines, I really like him in the second slot.  Why?  Sadly I’m not the greatest with Thor, I’ll admit that.  I have trouble consistently zooming around the screen with Mighty Strikes and I choke all the time going for Mighty Hurricane grabs.

I feel like I can get the most damage out of him as an assist for Frank.  However if I need to DHC for a nice Mighty Tornado or what have you I’ll definitely let Thor mix it up.  In the second spot he’s always available for Mighty Sparks assists and Mighty Tornado/Thunder make great DHCs after any Blue Light Special, Survival Techniques, Hellfire Maelstrom, or Spirit of Vengeance.  DHCing into Mighty Punish after Survival Techniques sets up some nasty resets that almost always results in a dead character.  Get the spinning knockdown into a M Mighty Smash and let the reset shenanigans begin!

When Thor is on point and Mighty Striking around the screen, Shopping Cart is an awesome pseud0-lockdown assist to set up the Mighty Hurricane.  Unless I’m punishing or going for a reset, this is one of the only times I’m comfortable attempting the grab and it’s usually pretty successful.  Speaking of assists, I have yet to find a decent use for Ghost Rider’s Chains of Rebuttal when I’m working with Thor.  I just can’t seem to capitalize off of a hit on reaction, heck even when I see it coming it’s nearly impossible because Thor move’s so slowly after foes.  In the corner it’s fine but mid-screen it’s a nightmare.

When it comes down to it I really just think Thor is the coolest.  I love his character model, his animations, his voice actor, everything about him is just awesome.  Now I just need to get better with him.

Give me your soul!

The Anchor

Ghost Rider is my MvC2 Tron: I only use him for his assist.  Chain of Rebuttal comes out fast, covers a large part of the screen, and causes a wall bounce.  With Frank I usually have no problem scoring some sort of damage when it connects but with Thor… Ugghh.  Ghost Rider as an anchor honestly isn’t all that great.  He has some phenomenal Level 3 X-Factor damage but it’s so hard to get in without assists.

When I do eventually hit my enemy I really enjoy doing Ghost Rider’s combos.  I use Mighty Spark after his flame pillar OTG for some pretty decent damage, but unfortunately, at this point in my hands, the Rider just isn’t a super combo heavy character.    Depending on the matchup I’ll put Ghost Rider on point and lock my opponent down with Mighty Sparks and Shopping Carts.  Conditioning them to expect the Jump S opens up a lot of people to his ok 2L and far reaching 2H.

Every day I think about switching Ghost Rider for Rocket Raccoon.  Rocket’s got better assists, more versatile combos, more useful DHCs (for this team in particular), and not many people are playing him.  The only problem is that he seems very very execution-centric and I’m not all that great with my hands.  That’s why my second team is Nemesis, Hulk, Spencer.  I think Ghost Rider is fun, but I could probably get better everything elsewhere.  For now, this is what I’m working with.

End of Part 1: The Overview

So that’s my team in a nutshell.  It’s not the best by any means but I’ve had a decent amount of success with them.  I’ve gotten to 7th Lord a few times but grad school and life always seem to get in the way and BOOM, the next thing I know I’m back down to 9th Lord losing to your and your grandmother.  Blech.  Anyway, next I’m going to be focusing on some specific Frank strategies and combos that I use in matches so be sure to check back soon!

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