UMvC3 – Frank West Madness – They See Me Rollin’


The man with the plan, the savior of Willamette Parkview Mall, the one and only Frank West runs point on my totally awesome UMvC3 team.  Why?  First and foremost it’s tons of fun finding new ways to level him up.  Second, he has really fun combos and surprising mix-up ability.  Third, Level 4 and 5 Frank is an absolute beast.

Below I’m going to go over Frank’s movement.  I know what you’re thinking, “an entire post dedicated to Frank moving around?”  He has more tricks than you might think, not all of them useful, but if we’re getting down and dirty with Mr. West why not go for broke?

On the Ground
Frank’s walk speed isn’t really anything to write home about and neither is his standard jump.  His wave dash on the other hand is pretty alright and can help you connect combos you couldn’t otherwise.

The Slide (D+H): Online you’re going to see Frank users whipping this bad boy out all the time.  It goes under a fair amount of projectiles, has decent range and priority, and is kinda safe.  Great for dodging projectiles and scoring that first hit.

The Slide (Level 4-5): The range increases, allowing for projectile punishes at longer ranges.

Desk shows off some more creative ways to use Frank’s slide while chucking zombies.  I’ve never tried to use this in a match but it looks kinda awesome.

The Roll – Level 2+
The roll makes Frank’s ground game a million times better.  The roll gives him access to mix-ups, makes his block strings safe(r), and gives him a legitimate way to avoid just about anything his opponent throws at him.  You can even power through nearly full screen beam hypers by rolling, x-factoring, and rolling again into Survival Techniques, as Yoshinator demonstrates in this little clip

Use it after a kneedrop to get you out of some sticky situations, use it in the corner on incoming characters for some mixup shenanigans, use it behind assists to cover your approach, it’s a poor man’s excuse for a teleport but god dang we’ll take it!

Air Mobility
I know what you’re thinking, “Air mobility?”  What I mean here has nothing to do with air dashes, hovering, or teleports, because Frank can’t do any of that crap.  He can however, drastically alter his momentum once he takes to the skies.  His air mobility doesn’t change as his level increases.

Air Tools of Survival L (QCF L): Frank breaks out the plunger/broom/paddle saw and attacks, which halts all of his forward momentum and causes him to remain stationary in the air.  This is great to avoid chip from horizontal style hypers like the Metsu Hadoken, Goddess Bracelet, you know.  Granted if you’re super jumping over the beam already…  Well it’s always good to have options right?

Air Tools of Survival M: Frank hauls off and swings for the fences.  Again, his forward momentum stops and he plummets to the ground.  You can still attack while falling, after you recover of course, so you’re not completely helpless but you’re probably going to only want to do this one in combos.  If you need extra airtime definitely use the L version.

Air Kneedrop (D+H): Frank loses all of his forward momentum and plummets to the ground, scoring a hard knockdown if he connects with the enemy’s noggin which opens up opportunities for photographs, Tools of Survival H, or assists to continue the combo.  There aren’t all that many hypers this move will help you avoid (if any?) but it’s a great option when your opponent is just holding down/back and it comes out quick enough to surprise the occasional turtler.

Ok, in the next post I’ll break out some of my own strategies for landing that elusive hit and some combos I rely on when I finally get in.  As always if you have any questions, comments, or whatever feel free to type something down below.  You can follow me on Twitter at KingofBreaker for tons of fighting game coverage and other such stuffs’Til next time freaks and geeks!


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