The Changing Face of Comics Editorial – Connecting the Dots

I’ve been talking to some great creators about their editorial practices and I’m noticing some common threads throughout.  Everyone has seemed to note that editors do the typical editing stuff.  They do the spell check, they make sure the art and characterization are consistent, all of that jazz.

I don’t want to talk about everything here but one of the main things that I’m interested in, “Who does the editing when their isn’t an ‘official’ editor on the project?”  Answers ranged from personal editorial (which I think all creators, writers, artists do on some level) to wrangling in moms, fiancees, friends, and dedicated readers.  Right now it seems like almost anyone can fill the role of editor in some capacity.

I’m also very interested in what people think of editors.  Are they necessary?  Do they help?  How might they help?  I may also have to rewrite some of my questions to reflect this…  Crud.  Anyway, I’m loving the feedback I’m getting here and everyone has been really helpful with their input.  I’m learning more about comics editorial every day!


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