Weekly Comic: The Magical Belly Button

Belly button lint inspired this latest comic.  I don’t always find lint in my belly button but when I do I get more excited than I probably should.  It’s so much f*ing fun digging it out!  Calm down Ben. Anyway, the comic that follows is all about a dude with a totally gnarly navel.

The Magical Bellybutton

The Creative Process
I noticed that I had done my last two comics in a horizontal format and while I think that works great for web-based comics, I wanted to try something a little different this time.  I like how it came out.  I thumbnailed this one on a piece of scrap paper I found at my parents house and from there I just went right into the pencils.  Very quick turnaround for this one.

What I Like
I love the first two panels.  That’s me getting ready for a shower and playing with my belly button.  I think I captured the boredom waiting for the shower to heat up and then the surprise at pulling a treasure chest out of your belly button really well.  Also, I love that last panel.  It was just straight fun to draw and the word balloon?  I don’t know.  It’s silly and I love it.

What I Wish I Did Differently
Looking at in on a computer screen I can’t help but notice that there’s tons of pencil everywhere.  I need to maybe go back and start erasing?  Actually I really probably need to use a lighter pencil.  Up to this point I’ve been using some your standard #2 pencil…  Also, the ballpoint pen just isn’t working anymore.  I want to experiment with different line widths, thus I bought a pack of technical pens that I’m hoping will help improve some of my detail work.

I regret not putting a title on this comic.  I think panels three, four, and five need some work.  I could have put a ton more detail in there.  Lastly, I’d like to try working with a longer narrative instead of these one-and-dones.

Final Thoughts
I think this is my best comic yet.  It’s clear and concise and it was really fun to draw.  Other than that… I learned that drawing boats is freaking hard and that I still really need to work on perspective.  And basically everything else…  But I have new pens!  We’ll see what happens with that madness.  And I’m going to try to find an eraser.

Let me know what you guys think!


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