Mike DeWeese’s Dark Knight Rises T-shirt

Getting hyped for Bane and the The Dark Knight Rises? The folks at Design by Humans are too and they’ve even got a t-shirt contest going for the flick. Fans can post designs, and whoever’s design gets the most votes wins!

Well our very own Mike DeWeese, the incredible artist behind The Art of War’s awesome aesthetics, entered one of his own amazing designs to the contest. I mean check this beauty out!

The Mouth of Bane

Well what are you waiting for? Head over to Design by Humans to give Mike’s shirt a vote, you’ll be glad you did!

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7 thoughts on “Mike DeWeese’s Dark Knight Rises T-shirt”

      1. The internet is a small place right?! Hey let me know if you guys might be down for reviewing the entire book. I’ll send you a link to the galley copy if so!

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