The Art of War Gallery Opening!

To kick off the long-awaited debut of The Art of War I flew out to NYC to celebrate with Kelly and Mike at the awesome White Box, where the dynamic duo had covered the walls with Mike’s incredibly raw, visceral artwork.

Raw Art

It’s actually been… jeez it’s been almost two years since I’d been back to New York City and it was great to get out there and see Kelly. I’ve been working on the book for almost three years, I started in the summer of 2009 with a brief hiatus in 2010, and being able to see the book in all its glory, it was so satisfying. I can only imagine how it felt for Kelly and Mike.

The gallery opening was a total blast. There was Budweiser and Perrier a plenty, heck the Perrier peeps even sent a person to photograph the entire event. You can check out her pictures here. There were over 350 people at the event, art teachers, comic book nerds, artists, friends, family, it was a pleasure to meet so many fans. Kelly and Mike were signing books all night, talking with fans, and posing for pictures.

Mike Signing for Fans
A Thoughtful Moment Amidst the Madness

So yes, this was honestly an incredible event to celebrate the completion of this awesome book. I’ll leave you with this picture of Kelly and I. Cause it’s awesome.

Kelly and I

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