The Art of War on the Huffington Post

While I was out hanging with Kelly during my trip to NYC he mentioned that the Huffington Post had approached him to write a brief, ~700 word article, on his inspirations for The Art of War. I was absolutely thrilled to see what he might come up with, because while we’ve talked about the book for years, chatting with a friend is a very different thing than seeing him speak candidly for a global audience.

And after reading his article, which hit the interwebs today, I’m still impressed by how much I don’t know about Kelly and Mike’s Art of War. I never realized how personal this journey was for Kelly, though what five year endeavor isn’t? This was the first time I had heard that he got emotional writing the interactions between the protagonist and his father. It’s the little things that continue to surprise me.

“I found myself tearing up while writing scenes in which the protagonist interacts with his father, and depressed and angry when writing scenes between Kelly and his dark mentor, Sun Tzu. These relationships, I realized after writing the script, reflect the light and dark aspects of my relationship with my father in a way I don’t think would have occurred otherwise.”

Head on over to the Huffington Post to check out Kelly’s great article and afterwards be sure to pick up The Art of War from your local bookstore. You’ll be glad you did.

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