A Whole Host of Highlights!

Hey everyone, I’m still writing for Marvel.com but I’ve been lazy, playing Darksiders 2, working on assistantship, and generally doing other such madness as I prepare for my second year of grad school. If you’ve got Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited I’ve got four treats for you, and if you don’t, go out and get yourself a digital subscription!

Anyway, check it –

50 Years of Spider-Man
Unlimited Highlights: 50 Years of Spider-Man

SabretoothUnlimited Highlights: Sabretooth

Ultimate Captain America 
Unlimited Highlights: Ultimate Captain America

Carol Danvers
Unlimited Highlights: Carol Danvers

So get out there, read my stuff, follow me on Twitter at Kingofbreaker, and prepare for some more Marvel stuff in the very near future!


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