MvC Origins Character Profiles

I have to say that it is an absolutely pleasure writing up these Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom character bio/profile articles. I love doing anything for Marvel, but I get really geeked over their fighting game jazz. With MvC Origins hitting Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network in nine short days you can check out which characters are making appearances, a quick bio, and figure out what they were up to when the games were released way back when.

We’re releasing these every Tuesday and Friday and some of the awesome peeps at Capcom are writing up informative little bits on their own fighters. This past Friday I put out Blackheart and Shuma-Gorath while our pals at Capcom did Morrigan and Anita. Make sure you check them out!

Blackheart and Shuma-GorathMarvel vs. Capcom Origins



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