MvC Origins Character Profiles – Onslaught and Sentinel

Awww yeah, so now we get to dig in to two of the baddest dudes in the Marvel U – Onslaught and Sentinel. Onslaught almost conquered the globe with the combined abilities of Charles Xavier, Magneto, Nate Grey, and Franklin Richards. The Sentinels have plagued mutant kind for generations, a constant threat to their continued existence. They were responsible the for the genocide of Genosha, a loss of nearly 16 million mutant lives.

If you’ve played MvC2 you know how formidable Sentinel was, but in MvC the homicidal tin man was actually a non-playable secret assist character. Onslaught was the game’s final boss. BEHOLD MY MIGHTY HAND!

Onslaught and SentinelMarvel vs. Capcom Origins: Onslaught & Sentinel


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