MvC Origins Character Profiles – Hulk and Jubilee

Honestly, I was totally surprised when I saw that I was going to be writing about Jubilee. I had no idea she was in Marvel vs. Capcom and I can’t remember anyone ever having used her assist, or even seeing her assist for that matter. After a little searching – and thanks to the Marvel vs. Capcom Wiki – Jubilee’s assist looks something like this:

See Fireworks!

To be honest it’s like they ripped her straight from the 90’s cartoon, which is beyond awesome. Also, apparently Capcom got her original voice actress to record her only two spoken words in the game, “See fireworks,” according to Rage Quitter 87’s Marvel Vs. Capcom Shrine. That’s pretty incredible.

When it comes to the Hulk though, that’s my shit! I’ve never been a heavy execution type player so the Green Goliath has always appealed to my ham-handed sensibilities. Give me super armor or give me death! He’s on one of my main teams in UMvC3 and he’s definitely in my top five favorite comic book characters of all time – there’s just so much to love! Anyway, get to reading chumpzillas.

Hulk and JubileeMarvel vs. Capcom Origins


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