MvC Origins Character Profiles – Iron Man, Thor, and Thanos

This week we’ve got the last blast of heroes and villains in our MvC Origins series and I’m really disappointed that this awesome project has come to an end, but we only have so many characters to talk about. Thanos, man Thanos is a cool character. Power unimaginable in the palm of his hand. As an assist I don’t really remember Thor all that well. Looks like his lightning bolt hits a little high, was it good for locking the opponent down? No idea.

In UMvC3 apparently Iron Man’s not quite as good as some of his earlier incarnations. I wouldn’t know, I don’t play the guy, but I’ve always loved watching him whip out that Proton Cannon. It’s just so big. That’s what she said. Ok I’m done here, and you should get out there and pick up MvC Origins!

Iron Man, Thor, and ThanosMarvel vs. Capcom Origins


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