MvC Origins Character Profiles – Venom, Storm, and Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s been in almost, wait no, he’s been in every single Marvel vs. Capcom game besides X-Men vs. Street Fighter, you know, cause he’s not an X-Man. I really enjoy his most recent incarnation in UMvC3, those Ultimate Web Throw resets are just sick, and throughout the series I’ve always thought he had very cool sprites. Venom though, I never really thought much about Venom.

He’s a great character, but there was nothing about his moveset that ever really spoke to me. Like Spidey, I thought his sprite was awesome – the more tongue and teeth you can show the better – and his sort of symbiote shadow darkness hyper looked great but… I don’t know. I do remember hearing a lot of Venom Fang! while I was playing my friends though.

Storm went from being a really mediocre assist in MvC to being a top tier playable character in MvC2. She continues her run of rock solid dominance in UMvC3, but it’s fun to see that she started out just putting up a wall of wind. Typhoon! Read all about that and more by clicking on the links below!

Venom, Storm, and Spider-ManMarvel Vs. Capcom Origins:Venom Storm Spider-Man


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