Talking Comics With Toronto Music Maven Sara Simms: The Future Prophecy

This past week I was lucky enough to talk to Sara Simms, a champion of Toronto’s music scene. Just recently she and her sister released The Future Prophecy, a vision of a post apocalyptic future where evil record companies harness the power of music to control the masses. So how did a DJ get into comics? Well you’ll have to read on to find out!

I Speak Comics: First off why don’t you tell us a little bit about your background, you’re a DJ right?

Sara Simms: I’ve been DJing for over ten years professionally, and have a background as a hiphop/battle DJ and turntablist. About five years ago, I was inspired to begin playing techno and edm, and decided to change my DJ alias.   Since then, I’ve played around the world, and rocked in Japan with fans.

Sara Simm’s Super Heroic Alter Ego

ISC: Tell us a little about The Future Prophecy.

SS: The Ancient Prophets of the Underground foresaw a Great War written in their Score of Infinity.  It would be the Final Chapter of Man.  They created a blank score, on which a new future could be written by The Chosen One…

The Future Prophecy takes place in Toronto, after The Last Great War.  Bogtown Records, an evil musical corporation are using negative sound waves to control the city’s population and create their mutant CACU army.  Decklyn Dubs, a technological wizard knows the time has come to find Sara Simms, the Chosen One who must pass the musical tests that lie before the fabled The Future Prophecy.

ISC: What motivated you to create a comic? How’d you get into the comic book world?

SS: When I returned home from a tour through Berlin, my sister Melle and I wanted to create a new project that combined together music, art, DJ culture, technology and an epic story.  Melle has a real passion for graphic novels, and had ideas for the main concepts in the story.  We began to write The Future Prophecy, and based our characters on DJs and musicians who we encountered in Toronto’s vibrant music scene.

ISC: Why did you choose to publish through Graphicly as opposed to other services? Why go digital instead of print?

SS: I liked the fact that Graphicly catered to independent graphic novel and comic book creators, and offers distribution to major retailers like iBookstore, and Amazon.  I also like their Zoom feature, which allows you to look at each panel of a comic individually.  We chose to publish digitally, as our world is moving towards a mobile-based society, and this has impacted the way we read and purchase literature.

ISC: In your eyes what are some of the strengths and weaknesses of digital comics?

SS: You can read them on your mobile device or tablet anywhere.  A graphic novel that is well designed looks stunning on an iPad.

Sara’s Partner in Crime – Melle

ISC: What are your plans for The Future Prophecy after Arcanum? Do you think the book will ever make it to print?

SS: We are planning a launch party for the series on Saturday December 1st at The Mod Club, which features the DJs and musicians from the graphic novel performing as their superhero and villain characters.  After ‘Arcanum’, we plan to release the second issue; and continue the story for our readers.  All of the forthcoming issues of ‘The Future Prophecy’ will be accompanied by a song composed by the story’s characters, intertwining our story with a rich musical soundtrack.

We just published a print version of ‘Arcanum’, which includes additional bonus pages, and character development sketches.  It’s available for sale here: and will be available on our website, The first issue is available for iBookstore and Amazon Kindle as a free download:

ISC: Anything you want to say to fans?

SS: Thank you for reading and supporting The Future Prophecy.  If you enjoy the story, please keep checking back in with our website for project updates.  You can stay up to date with us by following us on Twitter and Facebook.  The journey is just beginning…

Right now The Future Prophecy is giving away cool free prizes in a Sweepstakes…prizes like a Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGo, a Play Records prize pack, Audio/Video Courses from Witz Education and tickets to our Official Launch Party. Enter to win here:  Hurry, our Sweepstakes close on Nov. 27th!

If you enjoy The Future Prophecy, please share it with a friend!  Tag us on Twitter as #tfp

You can find out more about The Future Prophecy at its official website – – and be sure to check out Sara’s official website – – for more music madness!


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