Injustice: Gods Among Us – Thoughts on Deathstroke

With Slade’s Injustice reveal earlier this week, there are only three characters from DC vs. MK that haven’t made it into the roster yet – Captain Marvel, Darkseid, and Lex Luthor. NetherRealm, please please please give us Captain Marvel! Anyway, while I may not be the biggest fan of the merciless mercenary in the DCU, his Teen Titans counterpart was pretty darn awesome and his inclusion in this isn’t that much of a surprise. From what I’ve gleaned from the reveal trailer Deathstroke’s going to have some of his old tricks along with some cool new jazz, so check it out!

In the previous game Deathstroke sported a sword, handgun, and some bombs. In Injustice he’s looking a ton more lethal with a big bad assault rifle that appears to double as a grenade launcher. I have a feeling that his special button is going to switch him from standard punch and kick normals to sword attack normals with added range and damage, ala Wonder Woman.

It looks like he’s got a host ranged specials (anti-air :17, 44, horizontal :23) and a variety of sword normals/specials (:29, 45). It also appears that when it comes to manipulating the environment he’s going to be in the “gadget” category like Batman (:27). And his super move? Absolutely brutal. I love it. We haven’t had any of the NetherRealm guys break down Slade’s skill set yet, but I have a feeling that he’ll be more of an “in your face” brawler with a sub-par, but annoying, ranged game he can fall back on. Only time will tell.

I’m gonna work on a little Green Arrow write-up next because for some reason Olly’s really looking sick in this game. I don’t rightly know why… Anyway, stay tuned gang!


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