Some Problems with Digital Comics

We’ve already talked about the strengths and weaknesses of digital comics. However we’ve mostly talked about the medium from the perspective of the creator, not necessarily from that of the reader or the user. One of the things that I’m very interested in is how publishers and creators utilize technology to tell their stories. Ereaders, tablets, web based readers, we experience digital comics through these devices and there are problems with both the content and the devices that need to be addressed if we want a more seamless digital comic reading experience.

This video that I’ve made, it teaches how to read a comic, for the uninitiated, but then it moves to understanding how to read digital comics and the differences between the two mediums. It also highlights some of the problems that I see with digital comics, specifically related to the technology that we use to view them. But don’t take my word for it, watch the video!



2 thoughts on “Some Problems with Digital Comics”

  1. Totally accurate as far as I can see. It was good to see this video. We have some real problems to solve in the creation and distribution of digital comics, and I hope we can solve them soon.

    1. It’s all so new and different, but I love looking at this stuff because we are very literally in the medium’s formative years. We can see what works and what doesn’t and set the stage for the future of digital comics. I like where Marvel’s Infinite Comics are going, and I think a push for more horizontally oriented comics could be really cool, but who knows? There’s one more issue that I didn’t address in the video, I didn’t want to bore anyone too much, but turning the iPad to see the panels in the best way? Totally ruins immersion. Time for another blog post!

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