Unlimited Highlights: Morbius

Unlimited Highlights: Morbius

Unlimited Highlights: Morbius
Check out this guy right here, all smiling as he’s about to suck the life from your veins. That’s right folks, this week’s Unlimited Highlights stars the one and only living vampire, Morbius, formerly known as Dr. Michael Morbius. A failed experiment to cure his rare blood condition transformed the mild mannered PhD into something even more terrifying than your standard health care professional.

Punisher #12
Punisher #12

This week my favorite issue of the five that were featured, well crap it was a freaking hard tie. We’ve got Marvel Zombies 4 #1 and Punisher (2008) #12 coming in at first place. And if I HAD to pick between the two? Gosh, I’m giving it to Punisher. I’m sure all of those hard core Frank Castle fans wanted to do a little punishing of their own with the introduction of the Frankencastle madness, but honestly, I loved it. I’m not a real big reader of the Punisher, but this little series is an absolute pleasure to read and breathtaking to gander on thanks to the phenomenal work of Tony Moore. I have to hand it to Remender for turning me into a Punisher reader, if only for a few fantastic issues.

And then there’s Marvel Zombies 4 #1. Such a fun book to read if only because we’ve got some of the Marvel U’s most volatile monsters hunting down the disembodied head of zombie Deadpool. Seeing Morbius as a team leader was very cool, simply because I’d only really ever seen him as the tortured scientist figure, a loner through and through. I was also really impressed with Daimon Hellstrom in this issue. I’d never given the Son of Satan much thought but here he kicks some serious butt and comes off as both hilarious and dangerously psychotic at the same time. Kev Walker did a brilliant job with them pencils too!

Anyway, stay tuned for more Marvel pieces, more comics talk, and more fighting game stuffs in the very near future!


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