MSU Comics Forum – The Poster Unveiled!

Hey everybody! Yesterday I talked a little about the awesome 1950s comic exhibit that will be on display at the MSU Comics Forum, but today I want to show you the AWESOME poster that Nick Bertozzi, this year’s Forum’s keynote speaker, dropped on us. Honestly, this thing is beautiful.

MSU Comics Forum Poster
MSU Comics Forum Poster

Look at that puppy, pun intended. The use of negative space is gorgeous and the colors work so damn well! Now I know I included Nick’s bio in a previous post, but I want everybody to be able to check out his awesome work, so here you go again!

Nick Bertozzi, award-winning comics creator and professor will be our guest of honor and keynote speaker on Friday, March 1st, 2013.Bertozzi received a Xeric Grant and multiple Harvey Awards and Ignatz Awards for his cartooning. He is the writer and artist of the graphic novel Lewis & Clark(First/Second).  He collaborated with Jason Lutes on the graphic novelHoudini: The Handcuff King (Hyperion/CCS) and drew Glenn (The Colbert Report/Daria) Eichler’s STUFFED! (First/Second).  Bertozzi is author of The Salon (St. Martin’s Griffin) a graphic novel about Picasso, the discovery of Cubism, and magical absinthe. He is hard at work on a cartoon biography of Lenny Bruce for Houghton-Mifflin, written by Harvey Pekar and you can read his ongoing sci-fi/fantasy cartoon, Persimmon Cup, for free every week at ACT-I-VATE ( For the past several years Bertozzi has been teaching cartooning at NYC’s School of Visual Arts, as well as teaching stints at Rhode Island School of Design and at The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. For more information, visit his website:

Hoping to see you all at the Forum!


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