Ryan Claytor’s Crowdfunding Comic: Autobiographical Conversations

Comic of Ryan Claytor talking about autobiographies with Henry PilkinhornDo you like autobiographies? Are you into comics? Then my pal Ryan Claytor has a treat for you! Ryan, or R-Dog as I like to call him, is the big brain behind Autobiographical Conversations, a collection of stories compiled from his latest work in And Then One Day

If you know anything about Ryan’s work you’ll know that he loves writing about himself (kidding!), but more than that he loves the ideas behind autobiography, and playing with those ideas through graphic storytelling. Now you can help him bring his unique brand of comics goodness to the masses!

Ryan’s just launched his first ever crowdfunding project over at Indiegogo to support his monstrous 96-page Autobiographical Conversations and he explains it better over there than I ever could:

Autobiographical Conversations centers on a discussion between Harry Polkinhorn (a professor of English who teaches classes on the personal essay) and me (at the time, a graduate student studying Comics and Fine Art) about autobiography, comics, and the intersection of the two. 

I have spent several years researching, developing, and illustrating this project and I’m eager to share it with you in its final collected edition, as I envisioned it from the start.  My hope is that the comics medium will provide a more visual approach to understanding autobiographical theory and framing the subject matter in the context of a conversation will allow the reader to feel more engaged, almost as though they were part of that conversation unfolding. 

There’s also a brilliant little Youtube video Ryan made that further delves into the work going into this awesome book.

Head on over to Ryan’s Indiegogo page and consider donating. He’s got some awesome rewards at a host of price points, including collections of his existing work, and the big kahuna, a shot at flying Ryan anywhere in the US for an hour long talk about comics! If supporting independent comics creators is your thing, look no further than Autobiographical Conversations.

You can also check out Ryan’s official website at Elephant Eater Comics and follow him on Twitter at ElephantEater!


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