Symbolia – On of the “Top 5 Magazine Apps Challenging the Medium”

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 1.03.18 PMYO! Everyone, I have awesome news! You’ve heard that I’m working for Symbolia right? The all-new, all-incredible tablet magazine of illustrated journalism? Well just the other day MediaShift, PBS’ media blog, highlighted it as one of the Top 5 Magazine Apps that Challenge the Medium!

“Who needs Newsweek when you can read Symbolia?

Symbolia takes advantage of the iPad format to experiment with a new style of reporting. Its stories use not just illustration and text to tell stories, but also include audio clips, animation and interactive elements in the digital storytelling experience.”

That is so so so righteous to see! Ms. Sivek is right, Symbolia isn’t just a tablet magazine. It fosters unique and captivating stories and introduces readers to fascinating people, places, ideas, and issues in a beautiful synthesis of comics, journalism, and interactive media. It offers an entirely new experience for readers accustomed to print and web-based journalism.

Don’t believe me? Check out for the inside scoop on the fantastic new publication, links to issues, updates, and more fun than you can shake a fist at!

Follow Symbolia on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and be sure to pick up issues or subscribe to the magazine here!


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