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Just a quick preview of some of the books that I want for each week.

Weekly Want List – September 14th, 2011

Grad school is in full swing.  I can hardly believe it!  Everything is going well so far but I’m not here to talk about that.  I’m here to talk comics!

DC Comics
Green Lantern #1

Red Lanterns #1

Image Comics
Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #5

Severed #2

Super Dinosaur #4

Marvel Comics
Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #523

Daredevil #3

Fear Itself #6

Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #1

Fear Itself: Monkey King #1

Herc #7

Scalped #52


Weekly Want List – July 27th, 2011

I honestly don’t have much to say today.  Found a place to live in East Lansing, which is wonderful, and picked up MvC3 again.  Still terrible.

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #4

Dark Horse Comics
The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #4

DC Comics
DC Comics Presents: Shazam #1

Green Lantern Corps #62

Green Lantern: Emerald 12

Image Comics
Invincible #81

Super Dinosaur #4

Marvel Comics
Astonishing X-Men #40

Fear Itself: The Deep #2 

Incredible Hulks #633

The Mighty Thor #4

X-Men: Schism #2

Fables #107

Weekly Want List – July 13th, 2011

Hellboy vs. Dragon!

Gotta say with grad school looming nigh over the horizon I’m getting more and more stressed out.  Am I going to make the cut?  Am I Masters program material?  Where am I going to live?  What am I going to eat?

All these questions are buzzing around inside my head while I’m working 40-50 hours a week at 3 different jobs.

That aside, I’m still spending a decent chunk of cash on comics every week.  They’re my escape, though Bayonetta has recently sunk its claws into me.  Hard mode.  Love my dual shotguns.  But what funny books hit store shelves this week?  Let’s take a look!

Dark Horse Comics
B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth Monsters #1 – Sometimes I worry about my purchasing habits.  If it’s new and it says B.P.R.D. then I’m going to buy it, regardless of what it is.

Hellboy: The Fury #2 – C’mon, Hellboy’s punching a dragon on the cover!  I gotta say that I’ve been enjoying this series and it’s come so far from Hellboy’s humble beginnings.  My only question?  When are we gonna see some aliens?

John, why you so sad?

DC Comics
Green Lantern #67 – To be honest I’m just waiting for a chance to drop this book.  I don’t like Hal so whenever it goes back to him just solo adventuring, boom done.  However this book has been great with all the other Lanterns hanging out and I’m very curious where this is all going.  I’m mean crud, Mogo’s gone.  What’s next?

Green Lantern Corps #61 – Hoo raa now this is my shit!  Really nothing else to say about this book besides it’s a great read.

Image Comics
Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #3 – Cute and cuddly super villains learn the ropes for a life lived on the wrong side of the law.  It’s light reading and fun to boot.

Guarding the Globe #5 – I’m curious as to where this book is going.  It’s only a mini so will the Guardians of the Globe again be relegated to a supporting role in the Invincible books?  Every member’s got a lot of personality so it’d be a shame to see them all disappear but eh, not too sad.

The American Panther

Marvel Comics
Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #521 – The American Panther?  What the deuce?  I’m too lazy to see if it’s the same creative team writing and penciling but you can bet that if it’s of the same caliber as recent issues I’ll be picking this one up.

FF #6 – I love Black Bolt.  I’m not sure if I’ll purchase this ish, but I’m definitely going to read it in store if nothing else.  Hail to the king baby.

Incredible Hulks #632 – I don’t know if I’d call Greg Pak’s Hulk run “legendary” yet Marvel solicits.  However with Paul Pelletier on the pencils I’m getting it.  He draws the Hulk but good and his ladies are purty.  Woot!

X-Men: Schism #1 – I don’t know what’s going on here but if it’s supposed to be the event of the decade (we’re only a year into the decade though…) how can I not read this?  Go Cyclops!

RASL #11 –  One of the few books that just straight does not come out near enough.  Quarterly?  I’m dying here Mr. Smith!

Weekly Want List – June 22th, 2011

Choker #6 by the Bens

Alright, so what the heck is coming out this week?

Image Comics
Choker #6 – I have nothing but good things to say about this series.  I adore Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith and not only because my name is also Ben.  Actually, that might be a big part of it.  I met these guys at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn while I was living in NYC and got them to sign issue 1 for me. Gotta support the Bens!

Guarding the Globe #5 – I’m willing to follow this one to the end of it’s initial run but if I’ll keep buying after that I can’t say.  I’ve enjoyed it so far and I really like the blindfolded ninja guy, but I don’t know if I’ve enjoyed it enough.  Know what I mean?

Marvel Comics
Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #520 – I can’t believe that Kraven and the Black Panther haven’t met before this!  Again, probably in my top 3 favorite series coming out from Marvel right now.  Digging T’Challa and Liss and Bradstreet are bringing everything they’ve got to the book.  It shows.

Incredible Hulks #631 – What can I say?  I’m a fan of Pelletier’s Hulk stuff.  It reminds me of some of Dale Keown’s work and that’s a compliment!  Hulk vs. Wishing Well?  I’ve got a feeling that this isn’t going to have that nice and tidy happy ending we all want.

Iron Man 2.0 #6 – I could honestly care less about Jim Rhodes and the rest of the mechanized heroes of the Marvel U but team him up with the Immortal Weapons and Danny Rand and I’m all eyes/ears.  Can’t wait to see what happens next because issue 1 was a flipping doozy!

Fables #106 – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Fables is the most consistent comic hitting store shelves.  Every page is pure gold.  Get off your butt and start reading!

Weekly Want List – May 23rd, 2011

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #2

We’re look at a slow week for comics which is great for my wallet.  I’ve got a brilliant Memorial Day Weekend coming up with my beautiful girlfriend in the great white north, aka Cheboygan, so I won’t be spending too much moolah on comics come Wednesday.  That being said, these are the books that I want.

Dark Horse Comics
The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #2 – Any time a writer/artist attempts to expand or transform a classic piece of literature from the public domain into comics, I’ll be there to read it.  I can only hope that issue #2 is just as great as #1!

DC Comics
Green Lantern #66 – It’s gosh darn Green Lantern isn’t it?  I’M GETTING IT!  Though just as an aside, this is probably my least favorite of the three series.

Green Lantern Corps #60 – See above minus the last sentence.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10 – See above.

Image Comics
Super Dinosaur #2 – Michigander Jason Aaron is penciling this bad boy, and I liked issue #1, so this’ll definitely be a purchase!  Gotta support Mitten artists!

Marvel Comics
The Incredible Hulks #629 – I like Hulk taking on magic and I can’t wait to see what happens with Betty.  While I think Bruce needs to get out more and see other women, yeah I know that’s hard because all the women he loves eventually bite it, it’s fun watching him deal with the She-Hulk side of his ex-wife.

Mighty Thor #2 – Olivier Coipel penciling Thor = ‘Nuff said.

Uncanny X-Men #537 – I have an unbroken run of Uncanny X-Men from issue 300-something and that’s not changing any time in the near future.

X-Men: Legacy #249 – I’ll see where this one goes, but I can’t promise that I’ll buy it.

Weekly Wish List
The Anthology Project vol. 2 – I was absolutely blown away by the quality of volume 1.  It wasn’t just that the comics were wonderful, they were, but the book was beautifully made as well and it’s just a pleasure to hold and look at.  I can’t afford to throw $30 at a hardcover anthology right now, but if I could I would totally be picking this up.

Book of Lilah – I don’t know anything about this book, which is a crying shame because the cover is pretty and the premise sounds interesting.  A girl has to save the Keepers, a group of benevolent knowledge gatherers that aids the evolution of mankind.  I want it, but a $9 graphic novel just isn’t in the cards right now 😦

Weekly Want List – May 11, 2009

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #518
Cinderella: Fables are Forever #4

What’s up everybody, not much to say this week besides some comics are coming out that I’m pretty geeked for, especially Hellboy and Cinderella.  check it!

Dark Horse Comics
Hellboy: Being Human (One-Shot) – Richard Corben and a story with Hellboy and Roger?  Done and done!

IDW Comics
Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars #1 – I don’t know anything about this book but the cover looks cool, there are yetis, and hopefully tons of ridiculous action.  If it’s worth it I’ll do a full review of the book this week.

Image Comics
Chew #27 – Gosh darn it, Chew is so darn intriguing but every issue is so unfulfilling.  It just keeps hinting and teasing at stuff, but I need more!

Moriarty #1 – Just looks great!  Ever since Alan Moore introduced Moriarty in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen I’ve noticed a bunch of Sherlock Holmes material hit funny books.  Whether or not that’s actually the case… Regardless, it looks cool.

Marvel Comics
Astonishing X-Men #37 – X-Men vs. Fin Fang Foom!?!  AWWW YEEAAHHHH!

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #518 – This series is awesome.  The art is incredible, Francesco Francevilla really outdoes himself.  I love this book.

Incredible Hulks #628 – I’m more a fan of the Hulk vs. Myths than anything that the Hulk does in space.  Bring on Pandora’s Box!

X-Men Legacy #248 – Was Age of X just an excuse to bring back some crazy old dead X-Men?  I don’t know!  I’m was crazy confused at the end of last ish!  I want to know more!

Cinderella: Fables Are Forever #4 – Hells yeah! Cinderella vs. Dorothy Gale is one of the greatest vs. matches in comics.

Hopefully I don’t go over my $30 limit this week, otherwise I’ll be busting my budget.  Oh well 🙂

Weekly Want List

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1

Looks like I can expect a pretty chill week.  I’m excited for The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde, Marineman, The Incredible Hulk, RASL, and Scalped.  However now that I’m actually going to grad school I need to save the SHIT out of my money.

That means I can’t go on crazy comic book binges, purchase Mortal Kombat 9, or buy nice things for my girlfriend… Hehe at that last one.  I hope she doesn’t see this.

Regardless, these are the books I want this week!

Dark Horse Comics
The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1

DC Comics
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #9

Image Comics
Marineman #5

Marvel Comics
Age of X: Universe #2

Incredible Hulks #627

New Mutants #24

Uncanny X-Men #536

X-Men #10

Scalped #48

RASL #10