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Weekly Comics: A Problem With English

English is a ridiculous language sometimes. The more I work in the MSU Writing Center the more I realize how difficult it must be to learn English.  This week’s comic is all about those words that have multiple meanings, and the confusion that undoubtedly arises from that madness.  I pity the ESL students I work with.  ON WITH THE COMIC!

I Speak Comics
The English Spring

What I Like
I love this comic. It’s simple, it’s something that I’m familiar with, and I think I did it really freaking well.  I like the guy in the second panel, especially how it looks like he’s looking at the spring in the third panel.  I really liked the WEEEEE that follows him into the fourth panel and while I don’t really know what spring looks like, I think it kinda looks like spring in the fifth panel.  Lastly, in the sixth panel I giggled when I made his nips hard. Spring water in the spring isn’t warm yet.

What I Wish I Did Differently
I wish I had colored in the top of the spring in the first panel and I’m now wishing that I hadn’t underlined “Spring” in each panel. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the flowing hair in the first and third panels either, how do you even do that on a stick figure? I dunno. Also the actual lettering, props to letterers. That shit is hard!  I definitely should have measured out that last “English” better.

Final Thoughts
My favorite comic yet. It turned out almost exactly how I wanted it to. I like freestyling the panel borders and not stressing about the measurements. Other than that? Awesome sauce!