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Untitled Comic: The Beginning of Something

The idea for this most recent comic has been boiling in my head for a while now.  It started after I read The Barfighter by Ivan G. Goldman.  I love boxing, having done it for all of one summer between my sophomore and junior years of college, and the book follows a down and out boxer taking anger management classes.  It’s a great little read, but one specific moment stuck in my head.  The main character, while he was boxing for the army/navy, something like that, when he was on the ropes, would dig deep and unleash someone he called “The Mongolian.”  The Mongolian was an engine of destruction.  He didn’t know fear, couldn’t be hurt.  I thought that was the coolest idea, that you could awaken this thing inside your mind, become it, and overcome.

That little moment provided the spark, but a book about the history of boxing laid the foundation for this cool new narrative I was planning.  You want to talk about manly men?  Look no further than some of the original boxers in ancient Greece or in less-ancient Britain.  Brutal contests of physical fitness that could last hours.  I wanted to focus on a specific time period, right after the British boxing community, ragtag as it was, decided to ban kicking and wrestling from the matches.

This is just a taste of what I’m working on, a very rough draft, and the very first time I’ve ever put this narrative to pictures.  And I used my fancy new pens, which I really don’t know how to use yet… Anyway, enjoy!

Watcha think?

What I Like
Oh my gosh I got something on paper!  I got to use my new pens!  The monster looks kinda cool!

What I Wish I Did Differently
I got super carried away with some thumbnails that I was doing.  It was just meant to be a couple of sketches, but then I got cooking and couldn’t stop.  I should have taken a step back and done a page of story.  I don’t know how to use my pens yet though, so I’m going to try and get that under control while I get a ruler and some other stuff to make my work look a little cleaner.